Zurich - Switzerland's Downtown City


Often thought of as "downtown Switzerland," Zurich is a social & cultural center with 1.2 million people. At the northern end of lake Zurich, the city is stunningly built around the clean Limmat River, illuminating the graceful architecture. Big business is here, & shops can be upscale. Public transportation on rail & water is highly efficient. Green spaces & cobblestoned courtyards are people friendly, & nightlife is joyous.

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Seems quite boring......

pan B tiến Dũng 

Phong cảnh Thành phố rất nguy nga tráng lệ.

Maniklal Narzary 

temperature of Switzerland

Khalid Carrillo 

You forgot to say how expensive it is xD

Good for young people... if your parents are rich.

jiten patel 

Thanks  for  this  video..jzpatelut.


Radio 24 !  I love Zurich .

Amanda Soraia 

1:33 min kkkkkkkk jajajaja sicher!

Top Universities 

Did you know that Zurich was ranked as one of the world’s Best Student Cities according to the QS Best Student Cities Rankings 2012/13? This year’s results will be announced on the 20th of November! http://www.topuniversities.com/


What's funny is the next thing the narrator says after showing the pot shop is that it is a great city for young people.


doesn't look that pretty or glamorous as Paris or Rome

Hans Knup 

Thats correct,you may also go to any pharmacy and get clean unused needles

to marinate your potroast inside,or dope yourself up.There is no law for stupid .


die wo geld hat kömme nur


nop it s canabis not hashish


it's allowed to sell canabis or other grasses here,it's like alcohol

Seflizon Nazir 

Switzerland negeri seribu danau, dan seribu bukit, disekililingnya berbaris kota kota yang indah.

Jakub Antos 

Wow! Just Belissima, beautiful!!!


sadly no... -.- they just sell clothing and other products made from hemp fiber. Pot is not legal in Switzerland...

Ce Rn 

oh.... to be and live in Switzerland it is my dream...


Alli schwiizer städt sind huere tüür. I internationale vergliich taucht halt eifach immer Züri i de top 10 vo de tüürste städt uuf. Priise im Migros und coop usw.werdet wohl überall gliich si. Z'Züri zahlsch für e 3 Zimmer wohnig halt no schnäll mal 2500 Stei im Monat.

Leydi Anciano 

why? is it like East Harlem or something? lol btw do you know what the liveliest night spots are by any chance?


Naja in Basel Zahlsch au 9.- für en Migros Dönner,im Quartier isch er 7 Franke.


After albanians, shiptars, never be the same.

Oh i forgot Swiss government recognise independent kosovo. Ok than enjoy in muslims ''tolerance'' and collect money for new mosques.

Thank you for accepting that rats, less trouble for us, more for you.


Schmuck discount? ha.

Tim Tom 

racist ?? you never saw as much different colored people as in Zurich !! come and see, than comment

Tim Tom 

you mean the redlight district ? which international city does not have one ? at least in europe !! it is about demand and offer


that's what I hear too. Seems like Swiss also have a bad taste in Clothes. They all seem to wear blue and grey colors very lame.

Also heard that Swiss are racist but underneath they just know how to hide.

Kurt Schmid 

my town! I miss it so much..I live in Brazil for ten years now!

Balachandran Nair 

Dear friends

Recentely I have visited this beautiful city.As an asian I really wonder how they have preseved the nature there.It is as beautiful as Kashmir in India.Living standard is too high.Only the wealthypeople can make visit .In this time only onething I can tell you that if we have vision our Kerala can make neat and clean and save the nature as Zurich.

Kudzai Zvenyika 

i am African and i was gonna make this my next stop...thanks for the heads up

Lina Hertz 

what is wrong with it at night?


Feels more like Hong Kong to be honest. Vancouver Island and Victoria is very nice though!


haha im New Point bezahlt man 10.5 Fr. bei einem Kurs von 1.20 sind das 8.75€ :)

und nein Frankfurt ist keine Provinz, aber auf Grund des tiefen Lohnniveaus in Deutschland sind auch die Preise im Keller


I disagree...the nightlife and the working class areas of Zurich are actually it's treasure


muahaha. da ist wohl einer auf die Welt gekommen. Zürich ist zusammen mit Tokyo auf Platz 1 der teuersten Städte der Welt


those districts are still nicer than most cities in the world.


@dustz33 Wir haben Fr. Und nicht Euro . Jetzt rechne mal 7fr. In Euro um. Vielleicht zuerst mal denken bevor du schreibst. Bischen peinlich aber trotzdem noch viel glück im Leben


the antilm, i lived over there for 4 yrs and i made friends with my muslim neighbors. go to hell

Shubham Kshirsagar 



Can't wait to visit there :D

Sam Banfield 

Visit vancouver, pretty awesome city. Canadians + D


I did my Graduation in Luzern thereafter worked in Zurich. It's a fantastic city, a truly Global City. I Have a lot of beautiful memories to cherish. One must go there once in his lifetime to experience the real beauty. Nature has blessed Switzerland with some of the most beautiful landscapes on this planet but at the same time Swiss people are diligent & well organized. Today what Switzerland is because of their hard work. I wish everyone could love his/her country as much as Swiss people do

Dr. Elia Godoong 

@azeemtm How do you know they are good in the world since you never been there...

Azeem t.m 

hi i love swiss peoples and there country they are good inthe world but i cant vist there because i am financialy very week

Azeem t.m 

hi i love swiss peoples and there country they are good inthe world but i cant vist there because i am financialy very week still i am praying with my good

Azeem t.m 

hi i love swiss peoples and there country they are good inthe world but i cant vist there because i am financialy very week still i am praying with my good if he wish i will be there friends in love a poor indian

Laecio da silva 

@blueeyeMickey Yee,we have a team over here. I agree with you,Zürich is amazing... i guess that i go there again this summer,my aunt lives there.

Laecio da silva 

@blueeyeMickey I think so... but i am brazilian,went to Rio to see how is,actually where i live is amazing too,is called Fortaleza.

A tropical city.

Laecio da silva 

Ahhh last summer was so amazing,was in Stockholm and went to Zürich before to visit Rio de Janeiro... Thanks Lord!