Zaxby's commercial

VGG Brayden 

I love that whistle

Enel Dulcio 

...all men are strong, regardless of color....but we are even stronger after a Hearty meal at Zaxby's. Amen to that...


You will only get this in the south 😝

Eric Springer 

I wish Indiana had Zaxby's...I ate there when I lived in Vadalia GA....they make chick filet look bad

Ecchi Predatoes Beware 

oops, my bad i meant Paul Bunyan# who the fawk is wild bill?

Ecchi Predatoes Beware 

You might be correct, because white men are never wimpy bumbling losers, not until the Revenge of the nerds..movies came out...only back then this propaganda started to spread, before then the white men were the strongest in the bunch, the supreme race built strong from whipping the black man all day, their arms became so strong, they could lift a truck and inspired the story of super man and wild bill, i'm on the same page man, it must be the jews controlling the media again, i hear ya xD

James Smith 

To spell it out to you (let's just say) simple folk. This commercial (as well as many other commercials) portray the White man is a wimpy, bumbling, loser. All the while the Black man is a smart, competent, Alpha male. Again, to you (let's just say) brainwashed folk, this can be seen over and over and over again within commercials. Open up your eyes people. This is not a conspiracy, this is planned.

Ecchi Predatoes Beware 

where the fuck did you get anti white, stay off the bath salts, lol...just made that up, i'm gonna use it on anyone who seems to be chatting racist disinformation through their pie hole. I mean you got some kind of madness going on, because he is a fan you think the white man is being portrayed as stupid right? so obvious.. an agenda..

Jonathan Clark 

no way crinkle fries and a 22 oz. drink for only 4.99!