YouTubers Responsibilities


Met with my boy Casa Nova 601 and dropped some knowledge on me and made a few videos....Enjoy, This video we explained You Tubers Responsibility and Giving Accurate information

Channel:  StillHawginTV

Wassup Ghost, I heard Cass was dropping Jewel

Corey Douglas 



why did u change ur name casanova roar ?

Lewis NASH 

Where is Casanova 601 at homie?

Saint Monsieur 

I'm with you guys 100%... none the less, as an individual entering the transportation industry looking for guidance I've noticed that there are two different types of people that are posting videos... 1) You have the informative youtubers, such as casanova601 and yourself. You guys are giving detailed information on what it's like to live and work out on the road. You guys are passing information on things that are out there you should beware of, and the how to approach different situations. 2) then you have those entertainers.... These guys aren't to be taken seriously. There simply taking up bandwidth and time... Sometimes I watch them just to be entertained,, but if I'm in need of information I know where to go and from whom to collect it.

Thanks for keeping it real.



my dude 601. haha 100

santoroa ray 

Casanova said damn dog that's fd up. lol 1738

Jake Johnson 

Great video you keep it real..

757 Trucker 

You both inspire me to keep moving forward towards my goals in this industry. Especially when it gets rough out here cause everyday is not a smooth sailing.


Call em out

Ms DivaTrucker Driver Trainer CDL Recruiter 

Great video. You both inspire me tremendously. Have great respect for Mr. Casanova Roar601. He has so much knowledge and is well respected in the trucking community. Enjoy the vid. Peace love and Prosperity

Burl Carey 

Well,well good to see you brothers hooking up. Been to damn long ain't it? Well ya papi be well proud of you two fer damn sure. Freight does slow down in manufacturing as selling off the shelves of last years old,to bringing in the new stock after tax time permits the moving of sales. Plain an simple supply verses demand. And knowlege of when and where to be on its more of profit staying loaded. Get in.get on out. Sitting does'nt make, nothing but squatt. Just if you do get into a dead zone. Besure it pays enough to dead head out or have a pick-up waiting on a hook & book. C-ya! :)

sean sutherland 

I haven't agreed with a YT trucker in a very long time. Finally I can. Too many rookies putting out info about an industry they haven't even experienced four seasons in. One of the main reasons after being on YT since 2006, I gave up and removed all videos. I didn't want to be classified as one of those drivers. Subbing you

Chuck Knox 

Great video and inspiration. Keep the videos flowing.

nakisha milton 

Thanks for the video guys!!

Devario A 

Yall boys dumb " damn dog that's fucked up" I was Rollin, appreciate it ghost for bringing Casanova back!


You guys are hilarious lol great video

Mark Jones 

I been driving for about ten years and what I do know is that you have to be skeptical about pretty much anything you hear good or bad no matter who it comes from in this industry.


Damn it Casanova! I always go to your channel to see if you've posted anything new and then no luck. So then I check stillhawgintv and there I find you. lol Thanks for the video even if it's not on your channel. Here's my order in which I check my youtube trucker videos. Casanovaroar, stillhawgintv, trucker josh and then the jade and John show.


Dam it driver


You are both Class young men. (Since I am 70 your young) who are professionals in your industry. Your message applies to all industries

White Dog 

"Dam dog....that's fuked up". Lmao!

JayDub And the Family 

Real Talk.... Cuz i Been @ it 4 10yrs and when i checkout some of these videos ..... Im seeing 2 much BullS... Stop it Folks


good job on the video keep on trucking!!!!

Tavonte Battles 

Y'all preaching real talk I love it