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Thank you for the wonderful question submissions! Bill dives into the business model for Punished Props Academy, suggests beginner projects, talks about cats, recommends other maker channels, and more!

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Jack Stensrud 

Im making the hunter knife from Destiny with the template from your site. Any tips on how to give it some weight?

hack3r 3691 

Dare you to try and make t50 power armour

Gamer Boy173 

Sorry for asking again what did you guys study in college

Death Summer 

You should build an exo from cod advanced warfare

Renegade Props 

You asked for other channel suggestions, so I hope it's okay to recommend our own channel here. Renegade Props is a new baby channel that only has 2 videos so far, but we are pretty fully formed and would love more views! Come check us out!


Hey bill can you make a real fallout car radio is pip boy style

Hugo Casamian 

Can you make Vanitas Helmet from KH3 plz ??? I love what you do btw!

Katie McClellan 

can you try and build a Borderlands prop


I love that you say "fellow maker". It makes me feel respected.

Katze Doll 

What about Kamui Cosplay! >A<

Sallou Russell 

Are Bill and Brittany married

Flareon king 

Can I pay for you to make a prop for me

Christy Hansen 

Monster Tutorials is also a good channel for the horror genera of props.

Luke Henley 

Smugglers Room FTW!

Christopher Pearson 

I discovered SteadyCraftin with me it's your host The Crafsman last week. It started with his pewter videos and then all of his videos. Love the chilled vibe.

ONION 657 


Can you make the wingman from apex legends please!!!


You are making a sunshot pistol!!!!!!!!! I'm a big destiny fan

Roger Ostrander 

I’m sad that he didn’t say Mark Rober

Haunted Hows 

Well since you asked, a great channel to look at is if you like Halloween props.

However, this comment is self promoting, so I would understand if you delete it. You guys do a great job, on all of your videos. Cheers!

Bobby McBrown 

I have to meet up with the team at Dragoncon this year. Without Punishedprops I would not have anywhere near the experience I have today.


I miss Zune!

Working Hands Making Stuff 

I made the AMA!!!! Thank you so much for the information. I have always imagined that the YouTube revenue couldn't be that high but didn't imagine the revenue from the other streams being quite as high either. Guess when you put them all together they can grow a bit.

Also glad to hear you're doing better. Keep up the great work.

Tom Archer 

I love watching Frank Makes / Frank Howarth for some really zen woodworking & great video production.

Bryan at BG's Model Workshop 

This was awesome guys!

Britt is an extremely good videographer by the way, (always fun to hear here laughing from behind the camera).

So, do we need to wait until you have the flue again for another Q&A?

Brandon Winters 

How does pateron work? you get a buck a video or a buck week?


I spy a Hawkmoon kit!

One of my all time favorite guns in any game. Next to the Mythoclast.

Speaking of guns, I recently I got one of my favorite movie firearms, a Blade Runner Blaster! Been weathering and customizing my Tomenosuke 2049 and wanting to incorporate actual parts from the CA .44 and .222 Steyr.


One channel i'd recommend is SerpaDesign... he builds these amazing terrariums, aquariums, etc., and they're all just works of living art. Even if you never plan on building one, it's so cool to watch the process!

Emma S 

A lot of people have already mentioned the list of people I watch. I tried my hand at doing online videos but I am just not good at the filming or editing process of videos and would need a partner in it, so far no one. So instead I focus on my instagram and being at cons with my builds. @electricemy But my dream is to one day work with people, like yourself, on a build. Its so funny to now figure out you are in Washington because I have been there several times. You are both so inspiring and always a great watch. Odin Makes is another fun build channel, I don't know if he got mentioned yet.

zorro fox 

Question how do Amazon thing . meaning showing stuff I use.and posting links to get some coin too on my video clips. thank you

riley tata 

What is the cheapest place to buy Eva foam

DapperWay Cosplay 

Serene Buddha cat ending is best ending! =D Some great questions!

Storm Naga 

Learn so much from you, built my first cosplay two years ago and ended up remaking it last year. now working on new cosplay, all thank to you and your books. Once finished will tag you in Instagram, just remind me never make full length chain mail skirt again, all metal rings I made myself, cramp hand central building that part!


Hello - you add lights to some of your weapons, like the Unkempt Harold, but why not sound? Have you added sound to your other props? If so, which sound modules (or otherwise) did you use?

Sam 1057 

Dear Bill please make the Damascus Steel Sword and/or the Rocket Hammer from Alita: Battle Angel.


if anyone reads this they should check out wesley treat on YT. he doesn't do props or cosplay but he's got a really cool maker channel. his editing and humor is top notch too 

When you mentioned your favourite channels you basically read out my sub box


Goal for 2018: Break 5,000 subscribers and have a new video every week. Done.

Goal for 2019: Craft with Papa Chinbeard.

Jan Haayer 

Do you still have the other two folks working for you ? We never see or hear about them any more

Searean Moon 

I just wish it had been the both of you, we need more females shown "making"!

O.n Art 

Love you guys so much you guys are my Jesus

Zach Wolf 

Check out Mr Chickadee! Incredible woodworking and wonderful videos

Noel J Suarez 

Hey Bill check out Cosplay Chris. Amazing talented Aussie from down unda.

wuerfel schmied 

Not very proffesional, I'm not planning to make the big carriere here on youtube, but tutorials on making dice are so far not much available here. It's easier to explain if I just need to send people a link instead of answering questions by typing. I also added your playlist for resin casting to my lists. Very helpful for the basics. thanks for being a space to share and learn.


You guys seem to be very happy people, that makes me happy :)

Jassinth Thiagarajah 

Thanks for sharing Bill!

Parker Whitlow 

I wish I had more time and could actually follow your builds and build things. However, that being said your videos are my favorite content on YouTube. They always make me happy the things you do amaze me and blow me away with the pure talent and skill that you two posses. Most of all your sense of humor and choice of games match me perfectly. You guys are amazing never give up Punished Props!

Michael Morris 

Bill sure seems like a genuinely nice guy. Love these videos!


I know I've truly learned so much from you and your channel. You always make everything seem accessible which is empowering and has helped me and my channel a whole lot!

Sam 1057 

You guys should call these Q&A sessions Ask Bill and Britt Anything, short form ABBA.