Your Last Meal: Aaron Lau - Master Sushi Chef Series


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If you were on death row, your last meal should be 1 or all of these 12 dishes that are created with such fine ingredients and finesse, you would be happy facing the afterworld after eating them...

Sushi Ten has been one of our favorite places to visit whenever we are in LA and for good reason: Chef and Owner Aaron Lao has spent over half his life perfecting the art of cooking and sushi.

Chef Aaron has been in the kitchen since he was 9 years old working in family restaurants mainly Chinese food. Right after high school he started working at Benihana's as a kitchen chef then shortly after he was promoted to become a Teppan-Yaki chef and that's when he found out that he had a passion and love for Japanese cuisine and wanted to learn as much as he could. Eventually learning sushi which he had never tried before at the time. He was a young man on a mission and knew that eventually one day...

Ashlynn Gilsmore 


Videos are great ! I would have sat with you and had sake even if you were cooking at home

Shanty Town 

Purple Uni: ..

Hiro: good afternoon purple Uni

Purple Uni: ......


Chef Aaron picked up a girl while searing a Kobe steak topped sushi roll on camera.. Boss!

Eric Rolf 

Amazing Sushi!!people its raw fish you want it that as fresh as possible!!thank you!.

Jacob Carpenter 

I like to put it on 1.75xspeed and imagine he's really going that fast

Keeps keong 

Where is this place ?

Keeps keong 

Why the chef no wear hand glove. ? ?


Wow! Boy I sure love being a sea urchin!

Hero walks in:

Why hello there friend.

Frank Lopez 

Why is he using his bare hands to handle food while touching dirty stuff and that rug?

Galaxy. Tv 

A lot of wealthy people died eating rich food like sea urchin...


I've always wondered, what first person said "Ooh! that looks delicious let's eat it!" and then carried on the recipe

Annaleisa Barron 

This makes me want sushi so baddddddd 🍣

Khaizer Wasi 

Eat and die

Khaizer Wasi 

Why u guys eat raw,

Any with sauce will delicious

I bet eat without sauces tell me how all

Weird food

J B 

It’s more art than food

Hunter Gamer Drone 

I’m so hungry now hahaha

Eve Arisara 


Du Duu 

lots of raw foods, some dishes are 90% non edible decor , if you're hungry eat home or find yourself a better restaurant, unless you like the illusion of fanciness and paying through your nose


Why purple and not black???


Not enough meat....and they probably want a shitload of money for makin it....

Stephanie Berry 

And Scallops and oysters! Yummmmy

Stephanie Berry 

22:40 Yumm!

Stephanie Berry 

I love the little fish eggs on sushi rolls so I bet I would love caviar

Stephanie Berry 

Where is this restaurant?

Rock Horjus 

This is not food, this is art!

Dobromir Manchev 

That knife... Oo


Is sea urchin expensive?

Daylon the War Ace 

See, I love sea food, but eating it raw... it’s just ruining it for me. If you eat too much raw seafood you can get tape worms.(just FYI)


*Presentation of the sea urchin was absolutely phenomenal*

Winter KuL 


kathleen chisholm 

anyone know what waffle yuzu is?

Oscar Hernandez 

where can i find this place

Il Sommo Imperatore 

i hate you chinese motherfucker i hope you die


Gordon Ramsay (Master Chef) - “Never wash Uni!”


Touching all on my raw food. I’ll pass


10:57 “smells like the ocean as you can see” 🤦🏻‍♂️ thefuck???


Food looks so good. Cam man so annoying. Thumbs down.

google inc 

I bet you it tastes great, the SJW vegans are at it again saying it tastes horrible and other negative stuff so you become vegan like them lol

google inc 

stupid leftist vegan hippies, 4k dislikes even though no animals were hurt lol, this generation is so toxic and negative

Nona fierce 

@17:24 i think this one is my fave. It looks amazing delicious 😋

danny nguyen 

Masterpieces. Yes, that would be my last meal. Thanks for the video.

Terry Wickham 

Why are those spines still moving?

Tyler B 

The thing that irritates me the most is the average sushi customer. A lot of them are the most vain, arrogant, ignorant and annoying people you can come across. Hipsters trying something "edgy" and take pictures of eating it with no other regard to how it was prepared. This as opposed to the professional enthusiasm of a real sushi chef, someone who takes great care to make a great product with much skill. Not a sushi person myself but I love watching these pros work, you can tell they really care about what they do.

Legeta H 

Brains MORE BRAINS! Yummy

Shean Pickstock 

I'm hungry and I live like 3 miles away from the oceans lunch anyone XD

Shean Pickstock 

The urchin got his head cracked open gust drained meat cleaned salted plated and garneshed all before it dies 0.0 y'all crazy. XD

Elisha Anderson 

Omg that land and sea roll looks amazing !! 🤤🤤🤤🤤

Alex Kingcole 

i need to eat now

Caramell Cookie 

Amen! Ppl worried about cruelty to live seafood but if you've never eaten sushi or don't like it STFU! I want my food, especially my sushi to be the absolute freshest. Even if you're vegan you don't want rotted vegetables right?! Worry about the ppl hurting and killing animals for sport. Better yet worry about the ppl killing and hurting other ppl for the color of their skin........

Caramell Cookie 

I wanna go to "Heaven"! Omgg lovelovelove!