Yoga Bag Review | Mantisyoga Manifest Yoga Bag Series


MantisYoga reached out to me to review their Manifest Yoga Bag Series that just recently launched on kickstarter. My first question was "Are they vegan?" and the answer was yes! These gorgeous yoga bags are vegan friendly and the quality is out of this world. Not only are you getting such gorgeous pieces but you also get to be apart of such great causes as MantisYoga donates to organizations like the Africa Yoga Project! How amazing is that?

There are 4 pieces in the Manifest Yoga Bag Series and each one has their own unique purpose. All are made to travel and add comfort while lugging around all our yoga necessities and more.

Want to learn more about what these bad boys are all about? Check out the kickstarter below. First 25 people get 45% off!

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Jamie Swanson 

Great video. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these bags. 👍🏽