Xenoblade Chronicles: Beta version VS Final game (first trailer recreated)


So after recreating the first trailer of Xenoblade Chronicles X, I've decided to recreate the first trailer of the original Xenoblade Chronicle, when it was known as Monado.

Here's the comparison for Xenoblade Chronicles X on the Wii U:


---- The footage the spider boss, in 0:53 is actually from the channel "chuggaaconroy". Since that spider boss was dead in my saves files, it would take me always to replay the game and get to the point where I could fight it. So I was forced to use footage from another. ----

Check out chuggaaconroy's channel here (if you are a Xenoblade fan, you probably already know him anyways): https://www.youtube.com/user/chuggaaconroy


I want a Xenoblade remake so badly


I personally like shulk's beta face better, Oh well.

Noah Poust 

So Dunban was originally intended to join the party before the return trip to Tephra Cave? Interesting.


Shulk's redesign was a good call. He looks a lot more like "slightly doofy scientist" and a lot less "angry anime sword boy"


So... The game was originaly called Monado ?


The character models (mainly the faces) look a lot like the XenoChon X faces


strangly enough, the animation movement in the beta looks more fluid than the real game, while the actual QUALITY of the video and rendering looks much cleaner in the game proper.

*Edit, I also absolutely fucking love that shot in the beta of the giant mechon which slowly pans down to Dunban, showing how gargantuan the threat is that he has to face. Im a sucker for those kinds of "David and Goliath" shots, Gurren Lagann is full of them. I wish that could have made it into the game.


beta Shulk looks like Raiden lol



Tsyumamatsu TheHavenofGuardia 

*Costumes, Palettes, Animations, and Locations are one thing,* but they changed Certain *Cutscenes?!?*

(... Actually, not gonna lie, I kinda like these Angles better. ~Kinda wish they stayed.)

SkyDragoon Slifer 

3ds vs wii



Shulk from the Beta Trailer looks terrifying.

El Tio Sasha Nikolaevich 2 

Se ve y se veia como la tulaaaaa

fatal frame 

ost name

Riki's Son 

0:21 daamn his face on thefirst trailer has more structure and "pops out" more, making him look manlier and less "anime" but the shading and shadowing makes him look scary xD


Personally, I think that 'Monado: Beginning of the World' would have been a better title.


0:20 Shulk? You ok there buddy?

Jon Idoncair 

0:20 onward beta looks better


They didn't change much outside some characters' designs, some textures and the lighting for cutscenes. There isn't really anything that interesting there.

Amos de Guzman 

Man, the original game was so different. Fiora's hair for one was completely different.