Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Perun Rare Blade Affinity Guide - How to Complete Tier 2 Affinity Good Deeds


The incredibly vague tier 2 requirements for Perun seem to be confusing everyone. In this guide I'll show you some of the deeds you can do to unlock her tier 2 affinity chart...

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These aren't the only good deeds you can do, there are lots of others peppered throughout, chances are you already have 1/3.

Try changing the time of day in different towns, some of these good deed targets only show up at certain times of day.

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Minor location spoilers can't be avoided, it's a guide, sorry.


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G S 

Thank you for this video


Paying your docking fee at the very start of the game also counts as a good deed.

You know, the first time you dock with Gramps in Argentum? Talk with the guy at the pier.

Axad Baran 

No, we only want to know how to get this retarded bitch's ice level to 2, because killing the Slandor Guyans or whatever those fags in Lefteria are called do not count, it stays 0/5 no matter how many you kill


Thank you for this tutorial ^_^


your intro is weird as hell man lol

Jason Hubbard 

Super helpful. Thanks, Jay!

Jiacheng Li 

I’m in chapter 10 now and i cant go back do indol. How can i unlock tier 2 then?


FINALLY Unlocked her lvl 2 affinity. Thank you so much!!!

Alex Peters 

Yeah dog thanks for the video Help me a lot She was the first blade I got for Rex


So I wanna do the thing in indole, but... Spoilers ahead












Since I'm at aion's door I don't know how to get access back to it since it's considered enemy territory. How do I get access back there?

Mark Anderson 

Thanks, this is helpful, got 2/3 on my own

Cathy Sidthiphol 

Which side quest do you have to complete for Mor Ardain to have the kid appear on top of the roof?

Zeke VanGnbu 

Thank you for this great video!!!


How the Fuck do I find a selmo grady I put the time to 6am just a ulran grady what the hell where is it

Alex Peters 

Hey dog I want to say thank you for this I got her all my very first try and out I was so confused How do her link but thank you for this I appreciate it😇👍


I never even knew there was such a trust lock.. Guess i already did those beforr


Thanks for the guide. The developers of this game seriously need to learn the difference between adding depth and just making tedious, obnoxious BS.

Asura BG 

Fun fact: Perun is the name of the slavic God of thunder and lightning. Similar to Greek Mythology, Norse Mythology and ect., the slavic people too had their own Gods before they became christians in the period of VIII-XIII century. I don't know if they actually used that as a reference when they were making this character but there is that.

Yehia Afifi 

What quest starts the Mor Ardain quests and where is it in Mor Ardain

William MENG 

Hi Jay

Is there any other good deed besides these 3? I'm unable to get to Indol now. Thx

Matt Hepworth 

Idk if things have changed or what but it would not work when i tried giving him a silver cylinder. When i bought a gold it finally worked.

Chris Lombardi 

Was my first rare blade I got around level 20


Thank you the Coral Chess Set and Gold Cylinder worked for me! I also had Perun equipped just in case.

Oyski God 

How do I do the one in indol. I'm on chapter 10 and I can't go there anymore


*Fonsa MEME-a* haha

Isan 8546 

Do more of these please

Sword Issac 

I want to ask a question,when you are finish the game,you can not go to Indoline,how can I finish perun affinity ?

lana delrey 

Thank you for this.

Tiffany Lee 

Paying Hirkham in Argentum the 15G can also be used towards a good deed to unlock 1 of the 3 for Perun. When I got her and looked up her good deeds I found a list and so I went back and paid Hirkham the 15G for docking Azurda in 1st chapter and it gave me a 1/3 on her deeds. Also I don't have Morag in party yet, but still have to complete "Follow Bana to the Bulge Harbor and capture him" part of the main story...was able to find the Salvager guy and give him a golden Cylinder (Tho for some reason it's still in my inventory...lol).

christopher graziano 

Hmm kid won’t take my cylinder

Wyatt Hodge 

One place you could buy cookies from a girl and it would give it to you I think. It's the same place where you throw money

Jason Giguere 

Why won't the fishing kid accept my nopon chest set I talk to him and it wont won't give him 1

Michael Fang 

I need help leveling Boreas affinity.

Jonkoerber Koerber 

Perun is a good blade I use her

Jonkoerber Koerber 

I got it thx

Jonkoerber Koerber 

Yay I'm in ch 7 I can do it thx a bunch

Jonkoerber Koerber 

Im in ch 7 is it possible

John Couchman 

I tried both of these. I had already spoken to chess set kid in Uraya before, but I went back to see if he would accept the Nopon Chess set. Talking to him again did not open a dialogue that would allow me to give him. I also had Silver cylinders when I happened upon the other guy in Mor Ordain, and he also did not open up a dialogue that would allow me to give him one. Right now the requirement is stuck at 1 of 3 and I have no idea how the one got there. Maybe will unlock in new game plus or something, as I will have to put her away since she is forever a new character if you're blocked from advancing her affinity.


I swear, completing her affinity is biggest shit in the game. I dropped her early in second chapter already and was doing everything to unlock it. 20h later, i finally did it. Whoever thought it was a good idea, should feel sorry


won't let me give him the chess set....:( why is this?


I found another method of doing a good deed. There is a Gormotti girl at Goetius Port in Indoline Praetorium who is selling cookies. I don't if you need to buy all 10 but that's what I did. That got me my third good deed that increased Puren's affinity to 2.

Trash cant 

T I M E T O T A K E Y O U R L U M P S !

Nick Mccormick 

Anyone know how to do her next one with Chilvalry?

Oni Life 

I can’t go to Milama Viewpoint anymore because i can’t go to Indoline after endgame ! Is there any other way to do her last good deed ?

Dustin Eugenio 

Thank you for this video it really helped alot!


I saw that kid talking about the Nopon Chess Set but he won't take it from me. He just talks about a friend being down and fishing instead.


She was my first rare blade and has a special place in my heart :)


The kid won't ask for the silver cylinder -_-

Princess Jello 

Lmfao i unlocked it without realizing and was panicking when i learned it could be missable after chapter 8. Phew thank god for my obssessive need to seek out sidequests.

A merica 

i bought the cookies didnt add a point! grrr. still at 2/3, couldnt redo throwing the money because I forgot how I threw the damn money. grrrrr