X04 101 Technology Info


X04 Launched!

After months of research and planning, we are excited to finally launch X04 Technology to the repair industry. Day and night have been put in to be as stringent for wanting better quality. We are more than confident that X04 is leaps and bounds better than any current industry aftermarket LCD. We thought to ourselves, “How low can we go?”, (after an intense round of limbo in the office) as we intentionally lowered the price without compromising the quality.

We assembled a team of the best engineers and developers we could find. We had one goal in mind- To make it as close to OEM specification as possible without the price tag. Reality is that any company can sell lcds, however providing our customers with the knowledge and peace of mind that they have the best quality product on the market is why we chose to innovate.

Over the last few years, we have seen the aftermarket lcds take over the repair industry. The technology has always been stagnant. 3 months ago we decide...