what's wrong with foldable Smartphone ?- Explained all about foldable smartphone


Here are all of the folding phones so far

Phone era – bar phone , flip phone , touch screen and now foldable smartphone.

The foldable phones are released by Multiple manufacturers .Google is building new upgrade to Android, and we’ve even seen the first such phone from Samsung, moto and L.G. and announcements there first foldable smartphone from Huawei to Motorola and even Oppo.

There are many advantage and disadvantage of using foldable in day-to-day life.

ROYOLE FLEXPAI is first company to show there proto-type.

Disadvantages- As expected for a device is a bit of a mess. The software is buggy and still android have be upgraded. The screen is ridiculously thick when it is doubled up.

SAMSUNG’S FOLDABLE PHONE is second smartphone to be release as foldable smartphone.

Samsung’s attempt at a foldable phone is the most high-profile one. It was classic looking design by Samsung with inside folding screen. This stunting device cost a lot more than normal device. And it have a big bezel ...

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