Worthless Bums in Texas using their Lonestar Card


its a known fact that millions of Texans get ripped off every day by the worthless bottom feeders of our society that use the Lonestar Card for free whatever from your local grocery store. There are legit people out there who need assistance and this is ok, but its the bottom feeders like these who use and abuse the system and rip off the everyday hard working taxpayer like you and me. Its time this is stopped. Listen in on the crew above as they make it a known fact they only have "260 dollar on their food stamp card" .

Channel:  ATXTexan2010
bleep blarp 

My mother worked her ass off her entire life. Four years ago, both of her lungs were infected with pneumonia. She has never smoked, btw. She simply contracted a strain of bacteria in her lungs that went crazy trying to kill her. She spent two months in the ICU in a medically induced coma, and they had to treat the disease aggressively. Both the pneumonia and the treatment did extensive damage to her lungs from which she is still recovering. She's on oxygen and undergoing physical therapy.

She had to jump through a million hoops to get social security disability and the Lone Star Card, including dozens of tests to prove that she can't do much of anything without getting dizzy and out of breath.

She's one of the people who really needs assistance. When I help her at the grocery store and she gets a months-worth of food, we get the dirtiest looks from people like you who have no idea what her story is. They just see a woman with a full basked using her Lone Star Card and assume she's a

joe Poe 

The internet brings out the asshole in most everyone online.

Looks like ladies just shopping to me......

suckah pleez 

Such ignorance from the uploader. Some Country inbred white people honestly and truly just don't know it is wrong and immoral. You cannot entertain these species on here, you can pray for them only. It comes from the loser white parents usually that live in filth. Likely a trailer park, drinking Bush Beer, and brainwashing ole mentally challenged Junior the Uploader on here. Not to mention there is a shadow government and an Elite Class of only the wealthiest sick people who control all what is fed to us for their NWO agenda. They own all US Money, all of us, the news corps, the US Gov, and know how to brain wash us all to fight over foolishness from Jr here, so we are distracted you see...I never thought I'd find that all I have been taught or believed in the US was repetitive propaganda and pure lies. US will face God's Wrath, history is always a repeat offender.

Scott Kemp 

How is it you know anything about the background of these people and their situation to judge them? I think your a raciest.

Danyelle Ayala 

You have no right calling them bums. you have no clue what there going through to be on food stamps. sounds like your mad because you want some. I go to school & work two jobs all while trying to balance being a single mother whos childs father passed away & I still qualify for food stamps. I work hard but it's hard when you have just a single income. Yes I have my lonestar card and I"ll whip it out with no shame & I dare somebody to call me a bum or give me dirty looks because my child needs food you will get slapped!!


Y'all keep bashing on the guy who uploaded this video until your taxes are 60 fucking percent


Damn I never knew there was this much scum in our country. I'm not talking about the video I'm talking about how many of you defending this ripoff from hard working Americans. Since the age of 18 I have taken care of my wife and son without one penny from the tax payers. Let's face it there is no Uncle Sam or Goverment without the tax payer.

Stanley Yelnats 

who are you to judge?leave them alone damn.

Ginger Walker 

I worked from the age of 14 until I became disabled about 5 years ago. On top of that,my husband and I are raising two children who do not receive spousal support and my biological child. I have a genetic disorder that makes it very hard for me to go to the store. So my healthy husband or my working class family who have nice vehicles will go to the store to get my food and groceries. I would be very angry if someone filmed them getting groceries for me and my kids when they are doing a us a kind favor. You don't know these people situation. Don't judge unless you know.

Luv Sharp 

This EXACT SAME PERSON WHO POSTED THIS VIDEO WILL FACE KARMA OF THEIR OWN! God hates racism! Humble yourself sir it can always be you and your family smh ppl in this world are sad and pathetic.

Midnight Minecrafters 

Here a trump supporter for you!!!!

Brine Shrimp 

I have a Lonestar card. I am on 24 hr oxygen and cant walk. I can hobble along on crutches some days. Many days just going to the bathroom, or taking a shower is a chore. I was in a bad accident and will not get any better. On top of that I am raising a grandchild who's parents died. There are legitimate reasons, and people that really need them. I paid taxes all my life too. Now for the freeloaders that just use to freeload, I have always had a problem with that. I never thought life would take to where I am, it is a humbling experience.


$260 for one month is about $65 dollars per week. That could be a lot or very little depending on the household size and income of the cardholder - which no one can glean from simply watching this. As far as the foodstuffs go - that looks to be about the standard type or order for those who use the Lonestar card. A lot of highly processed generic brand food, select cuts of meat in bulk sized packaging - they probably bought big bulk bags of frozen veggies, too - but it's hard to tell because your resolution is bad. Where is the evidence that they're abusing the system? Did you pickpocket their tax statements and paycheck stubs while you were rubbernecking their grocery order?


What makes them worthless? Because of their ethnicity? You can't even see what kind of card they're using! Which means that the person filming this had to be paying extremely close attention to something other than they're own business! And to be quite honest, there are way more ethnicities in Texas using the EBT system than African Americans. View statistics before you judge the private lives of people you have no direct knowledge of.

Daja Gardiner 

You are just as ignorant as they come.

Sherrell Hood 

You're worried about people receiving a couple of hundreds of dollars for food assistance to feed their kids? Do you know their story? Do you even know if they have adopted children? Why aren't you harassing corporate America that receive billions of dollars in welfare? Lol.... And they aren't buying food with it... They're taking exotic vacations with private jets and increasing their own salaries on your ass. Lol. Get a life.

Patrick Michael O'Leary 

Passing a judgement is forming an opinion without the proper and direct knowledge, experience and/or complete observation on a particular subject mater.

From this video alone, it is improper to judge because you do not know their whole story and/or situation.

A video of just these people using a Lone Star card at a store checkout is NOT enough to form any kind of an option.

Even if they left the store in an expensive car it still would not be enough to form an option.

Maybe they lost their job, a major sickness or death in the family that caused a serious financial setback.

Praise God and be thankful that you have been blessed with the necessary means and do not need a Long Star card.

PSK-13 TV 

quit filming people's private moments and get off your ass and pay for those food stamps. You pay for the fucked up police, late ass ambulances, pot holed roads, schools wee the teachers are ducking the kids, hospitals that take all day to get care from and you crying about PEOPLE that may be less fortunate? You don't know their story clown. I raised 4 kids on my own, no SNAP because I make too much money but if I could get it I would, the govt. takes my money so I will take theirs. Quit crying and man up. All of you ungrateful fucks.

Marquetta Hamilton 

just because you receive food stamps doesn't mean you're a bum I know people with jobs that get benefits yassss bitches tax payer get food stamps too

Felicita Luna 

Thumbs down to the loser that posted this stalking video up. Get a life!

Shida D 

whats so crazy is how people are so nosey! back up mind your business and worry about you and yours because at the end of the day we all have our own struggles and those women damn sure didn't look like bums.

Mrs Douglas 

😒do u know how many black,Whites,Asian,hispanics & other pop from other countries I do cause I work @ Tx dept of human ser most of the clients are white 👌

TJ Jackson 

Credit card or Lonestar card it is highly inappropriate and possibly illegal to record someone swiping their card at the checkout lane and post it on YouTube. If this were a Westlake Hills mom at Whole Foods and you recorded her swiping her Amex provided by the man she married for money would you have done this?

I watched the video and I don't see how there is enough information to determine how these women are "low lifes". I grew up in a children's home and our house mothers had to buy our food with food stamps and they would make comments about there possibly not being enough money- they were not low life's. I'm worried that you're reaching a bit based on your own perception of card not the reality of the women.


gabriel pena 

All you people who are offended are most likely receiving government benfits...You Fucking Losers! You can report me if you want to but people like people like me who puts y'all low lifes in your place!

gabriel pena 

Get a job bitches and stop living off my tax dollars. You worthless pieces of shit!!!! Anyone receiving government assistance should be placed in fema camps and euthanized. Make America Great Again Vote for Trump!

Adrianna Coleman 

The State of Texas has 3 publicly funded High School Football stadiums that each cost over $60M so it would seem to me that the white folks in Texas are pretty retarded too.

blah acid 

At least they are actually buying food some people sell their food stamps for cash.

Sherry Sherry 

but more Caucasians recieve government assistance than African Americans

Sherry Sherry 

but more Caucasians recieve government assistance than African Americans

Tie Jam 

50% of the black population is on government assistance. I thought it would be higher than that, but those are the U.S. Statistics.

Ivan Mikachelvikov 

Since we pay taxes and thus pay for these assholes to eat since they are incapable of feeding them sleeves we have every right to call them out for it.

Dana M Smith 

wow... we live in such an ugly world. these comments are disgusting. very sad people take the time out of there day just to be hateful... i dont receive benefits, however there are actual people who do work there ass off far from lazy and still need help, God bless them. shame on those who abuse the system but not everyone does.

Tie Jam 

Read this and learn something people. The U.S. is going deeper in debt and a big contributor is all the welfare trash. Although today's generation seems to think it's okay for us working tax payers, to pay for them to sit at home and be lazy. Money just shows up in the mailbox after all. Who cares that i and several other Americans are being taxed to death and some are struggling from it. http://nypost.com/2013/08/19/when-welfare-pays-better-than-work/

Tie Jam 

If you're against this guy for being mad, that his hard working tax dollars is being used to feed those lazy, welfare abuse moms, then you are either oblivious to the problems in our country, or you're one of them abusing the system and taking money from our pockets. All so you can sit your lazy butts at home, while the working class pays for you. It's ridiculous! I live in Illinois, where Welfare is the 2nd highest in the U.S. and I don't have to tell you what the #1 race in Illinois. Illinois is also the 2nd highest unemployment rate and the state is drowning in debt because the governments pays people to sit at home and multiply.

Charlotte Trevino 

You are terrible for taping them. You don't know their story.

Ms. Woodard 

she buys food with a food stamp card and .............what??😕i guess I'm dumb. I'm lost lol

Ms. Woodard 

what's the prb

Christa McDuell 

So they are bums because they qualified for assistance? Usually the ones that complain about it are the ones that WISH they had them. Why judge? You don't know their situation smh

Follow Rosa B Makeup Madness 

why dont you find out what your congressman and senators be doing with your hard earned taxes!

Lilly Rose 

you are truly disgusting for video taping someone without their permission and posting it on youtube

Angel Averyhart 

You called them worthless bums for using a ebt card? But what are you to just sit there and watch and record two women in a line? A FUCKING LOW LIFE STALKER.... GET A LIFE PEOPLE THAT GET FOOD STAMPS ARE NOT ALL BUMS. #JACKASS

t wiltz 

you don't know them people to call them bums they buying food for there kids last time I check that's what you do with food stamps ..... you better pray to god for forgiveness and asks him to have mercy on your miserable soul that's evil and low down for judging people on there misfortune shame on you

Little kittle 

this is digusting.get a Job u LaZy bloodywelfare.sucking,leeches.bla.bla.bla.lazy lazy

Elizabeth Cardenas 

Wow. That was VERY ugly of you.

Cassandra Davila 

why the F**k are you even recoding this? are you serious, what's wrong with them using their lone star card..., foodstamp card ,,ebt.. whatever to buy groceries for their children... ?

Herman Forstmann 

Was there a reason for this random rant against strangers? I'm assuming they're strangers to you, anyway. This is a mean-spirited, nasty post, and it's time YOU stop violating other people's privacy.

Ana Flores 

you just mad cause your paying cash smh they just getting help from the government and some people are smarter then others to fuck the government over apperently u have not tried loanstar and truste it will help u


I pray in Jesus' name that and old man like you never see social security and work everyday of your life without help or support for your fellow man and become a fellow "bottom feeder" as you eloquently summarized inhumanly.

tocarra henderson 

Stupid ass, only 36.00 a year comes from your hard earned money, and goes toward welfare.


Im all for cracking down on those who abuse the SNAP program but really, calling them "bottom feeders" when you dont even know the women is just cruel. To me there is no shame in foodstamps if you are working and just need the little bit of help. THATS WHAT FOODSTAMPS IS THERE FOR!!