World's Worst Attempt At Parallel Parking, Enjoy!



Female tries to park her car, taking easily 30 mins altogether. One of us ran down to ask did she want help but she said no so then we decided to video half way in.

Fitzroy Ave, Holylands, Belfast Co.Antrim.

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Hei Lo 

Wow the ending

Sinan A 

14:26 oh there is another parking spot getting free, maybe i should park there .

Jeong-hun Sin 

Why do they sound like German?


I find it difficult to watch this

Charles Nnochiri 

What a stubborn woman! She didn't even acknowledge the congratulatory remarks from the fellas. I was even celebrating when she successfully concluded a shambolic attempt at parallel parking. Back to driving school girl!

Miss Sis 

fuck me I thought I was bad



Faarquad Borislav 

The moment she finally parked...


One bloody turn not full lock

Taylor _ 

Waste of gas 😂

Taylor _ 

She could’ve made it the first time if she would’ve cut the wheel 🙄


I love your commentary - so funny! MAKE more videos!!!!


Don't let this distract you from the fact that this video was recorded vertically.


People like this judgmental asshole filming are the reason so many people are terrified to try to parallel park and never practice. Then, when they have to, this happens...

Yahya Sabtaoui 

That can't be real! I can't believe it

Andrew Jackson 

This is the internet I signed up for.


Whilst this is funny, and it is funny, it also disturbs me just how bad this driver is. She is actually dangerous and should have her licence revoked!


In this country, can you get a driver's license for a monkey if you make an effort?


The commentary was so funny I can’t get mad about the women driver comment. You guys were hysterical

D P 

It seems legit.


this is ten year old !

your mum 

That scream at 3:22, fuck sake 😂

Buccaneer Toothless Andy 

*Interstellar music starts playing*

Nopey nope 

What's even worse than the driving skills is the gruesome accent

Abu Ibraheem Asad 

So a lady, an Asian lady, was trying to parallel park in a spot that was clearly way too small for her car, she hit the curb, I thought I'd be a good samaritan so pulled up next to her. I signal her to roll down her window, she's waving her hand telling me to pass her, I insist, she rolles down the window, I say to her the space is too small for your car, it won't fit. She boastful says I know how to drive. SMH inside, I'm like it's too small. Then she's like and I didn't ask you for help. I was like never will I ever..

Melek Melek 

Y'all some douchebags for recording and laughing at this. This is disrespectful. One of y'all dumbass losers could go downstairs and help her instead of recording it for attention.

Mae88 B. 

I dont understand what they’re saying.


I actually learned how to parallel park just by watching this video.

Patrick Brass 

From the reaction you’d think Ireland won the World Cup


Guy at the end: "Let me park it for you."

Woman: "No, I have to learn!!"

Szilard Raduly 

Its shocking how clueless they are at driving\parking

Free Soul 

Day five 😂


Parallel parking is quite hard sometimes, so a few tries of trial and error is fine but holy sheet thiss

Aroldo Carrasco 

World Record parking time !!!!

Michelle Tag 

I think that might be me.


Arron Finn 

'Even the pigeons are looking at her', I'm weak.

I Got Mc Feels 

Ma fukin brain hurts after at bois 😂😂😂 bless her hahaha

GameMom NL 


Sha Lala 

Wow! That was five years ago!! I wonder would she master it now or would she still be the same?!? :D :-)

Sha Lala 

All the guys in this Video - except for the guy who guided her in - I would love to see ye Parallel-park and re-enact that exact scene!! I can pretty-much tell that ye'd be able to do it from the Window-side-instructions ye were giving her hah, - but I'd just love to see ye doing it and how long it would take ye and all that! :) Just for the lols! : )

Quentisha Puryear 

Hilarious, but the ONLY 2 things I couldn't laugh about were:

the "woman driver!!" bit. Women don't cause fatalities nearly as much as men, but they get into fender-benders.

And what was up with calling some random women walking by "heifers"? They did literally nothing but walk by, and he insults them?

Leonard Wolf 

The guys commenting all over the vídeo it's great! I laughed more listening this fellows that the horrible driver!!

XM Aaron 

13:18 and the winning goal is scored...

Pearl Tears4u 

14 mins are you kidding me

Ryan Bach 

dunno what's more embarrassing: taking a half hour to parallel park with assistance or mindlessly folding the mirror in on the sidewalk side of the car.

T. V. 

You know you can’t park if people are filming you from their apartment window when you try


I drive a truck and trailer everyday and I have stopped to help so many people back up a trailer or parallel park. The amount of people who can’t figure out how to mentally invert their steering is astounding.

Arpit PATEL 

Vauxhall driver. Typical.

John SR LEE 

Parallel parking should be tested before giving her license.

Rufus The Pink Elephant 

Legend says she’s still trying to this day