World Energy Outlook 2018


World Energy Outlook 2018 provides updated analysis to show what the latest data, technology trends and policy announcements might mean for the energy sector to 2040. It also outlines an integrated way to meet multiple sustainable development goals: limiting the global temperature rise in line with the Paris Agreement, addressing air pollution, and ensuring universal access to energy.

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jake Hawtin 

At about the 12 minute mark oil demand is expected to increase all the way out to 2040. This seems to be based on only electric cars been slowly taken up as the standard and ignoring all other electrification of transport. Busses at present are the major EV to reduce oil demand, trucks will come soon, even boats will become powered by renewables in some way or form (my bet is on hydrogen created with excess renewable electricity). The chemical feedstock industry is also expected to increase dramatically, this ignores all the R&D into other sources for this, it's not like the world is short of these elements. Heating and cooling of buildings will also see a dramatic fall in energy required, probably driven by mass manufacturing off meta materials that are super efficient at radiating off heat. The iea have never been good at factoring technology in their "outlooks" (no longer termed forecast's as they have been historically so bad), bringing this information basically to just a fictitio