WordPress Plugin #49 - How to use the WordPress Ajax Nonce


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Timothy Carey 

Is it possible to have a page like the cpt manager where it shows all the custom post types and the edit and delete button, but have it on the front page, but for a different purpose? Do I have to have Sanitize and nounce for edit or delete or for items that don't take text import? My plan is to have a display of students for instance. Multiple buttons for show courses, edit students info on the students one of the Display of students. But it will be on the front page. This website will be admin only. You don't want it on the back end. Just a front end. Plan is to have only one shortcode and go to a different form template depending on what is returned. Do I just call the shortcode function again after I return with the signal to change templates? That's kind of what I do when I on second life when I get a a request from a second life survey object I created when the object wants a different set of questions from a WordPress website.

Timothy Carey 

What if I want after form submission it goes to another page either containing another in different form or a page showing a report from the database related to the first form.

Easy Recipe 

How I can Send a confirmation Email to user after testimonial submission. Pls Help me I'm really stuck I tried many ways not working


homam homam 

thanks man , will u complete this series to the end ?


Thanks for the tutorial! There is some little thing with check_ajax_referer function. You should provide a 3rd parameter set to 'false' because otherwise if the nonce is incorrect the whole script will be terminated ie. method "$this->returnJson('error');" will never be reached and the wordpress will return in that case an error status '-1'.

So it should look like this: check_ajax_referer('testimonial-nonce', 'nonce', false)


Destino Solutions 

How i can make successfully submitted testimonial after popup model-box with user input name. Example "Hi Alecaddd Your testimonial Successfully submitted Thanks for your valuable feedback. have any idea? I'm really stuck with that how I can do that. thanks.

mustapha brahimi 

Big Up

rehan ansari 

Can you create email reminder plugin


Please prepare tutorial how to fill PDF something else data ?

Nasir Uddin 

Can you make a project based plugin development tutorial? I think that would be more interesting

Asaduzzaman Asad 

hey can we use angular.js with wordpress.