Windows 7: Enterprise Desktop Support Technician 70-685


Tom Carpenter gives an overview of LearnKey's upcoming Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician course. This course helps individual prepare to take the Microsoft Certified IT Professional (MCITP): Enterprise Desktop Support Technician exam 70-685. The Windows 7 Enterprise Desktop Support Technician training course from LearnKey will teach you everything you need to know about supporting Windows 7 clients once the machines have been deployed and configured in an enterprise environment. This course is specifically designed to teach you how to analyze the environment and select the best means possible of deploying Windows 7. After taking this course you will be able to answer questions like What happens when the system fails? What steps do I need to take to resolve security issues? and How do I enable remote assistance in Windows 7?. This course will prepare you to pass MCTS exam 70-685.

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Jose Becerra 

What career could you land with a (Microsoft 70-685) certification?

thank you in advance!

Herman Carter 

I bought a used computer on-line that was part of an enterprise system using windows 7. I now use the computer at home as a stand-alone computer. I cannot upgrade to the free regular windows 10 because it was part of an enterprise system. Is there any way that I can remove the enterprise designation? If so, how can I do that?

kenya williams 

How do I reset my windows 7 password. I am currently locked out.

Gregory Patterson 

I will concur with the fact that there is a severe disconnect with the business community and perspective IT candidates, as a bill in congress favoring importing talent from other countries,suggest, it is due in part to our crazy hiring process or just plain stupidity on the part of hiring managers. With few IT internships available, companies appear to want ready-made superstars without investing in talent development, certifications notwithstanding.

rondell henry 

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@urdynamix1 There are plenty of jobs for those that have the required skill sets. The trouble I find is finding candidates with the necessary skills. Training, training, training.


@vitomap The question is.... Are you still into IT? And did you get 1 of they jobs?? Congrats though


Now in days everyone believe is a technician "any" computer enthusiastic/knowledgeable believe they can be a REAL A+ certified technician computer troubleshooting as become a joke for this ("tecnicians") all they do in case on any problem is to reinstall windows and that's it when in reality the are just wanna be technicians



Hi, i'm from poland. We are currently migrating our environment from xp to 7. :) It's a really good and valuable OS.


@urdynamix1 being in the industry of training people to get IT certifications, we try to keep up on the statistics of how in-demand these jobs are. The conclusion we've drawn from statistics is that employers say there are too many jobs and not enough qualified employees to fill them, while employees say there aren't enough jobs available in the industry. There seems to be a major disconnect between employers and employees - the problem is finding that bridge and standing out among the rest.


@aezea77 You don't have to...the course has been released! Check out our website (in the video description) for more info about the course.