Why Not to Use an Irrevocable Trust for Asset Protection

Don K 

The DOJ filed a suit against my deceased brother's estate, is it

possible for them to penetrate his trust with a default or other

wise even though it became irrevocable after his death? Please


Sheik Monteczuma Yakama Bey 

My Friend Mr Phillips are these your legal opinions or personal opinions?

Harry Chu 

How about an irrevocable trust with a legal entity such as a charitable organization as the beneficiary where by the grantor is an employee and manager of the organization.

Glock w4zxt 

Big brother and his clowns are always lurking. I like to think property is safe in a irrevocable trust. With a pour over will only allowing beneficiary’s to sell in order to buy another piece of property

S Johnson 

😂😂😂 I set up a Pure Common-Law Contract Trust (as opposed to a statutory trust) out of the way of illegitimate and de facto government and their agencies' scrutiny LOLOLOL 🎯😭😂💀

Anthony De La Pena 

Mmmmmm ......... Interesting .......