Why Michelle Rodriguez Went 'Pretty Crazy' After Paul Walker's Death


Michelle Rodriguez says she went on a "bit of a binge" upon learning that her friend and Fast & Furious co-star Paul Walker had been killed in a freak car crash.

ls reinco 

Why didn't she have a child with Paul? Hopefully Paul's daughter will have a boy one day and he will be like Paul.

Kellie Worland 

Can totally understand how she feels Paul was such a great man he will never be forgotten RIP

Ariana George 

Death of a loved one and people close to us, traumatizes us. It takes time to learn to adapt with them no longer being there. :-(


You know...I heard Vin Diesel having plans to end the franchise with Fast 10.If that so..or for that matter..whenever the series ends...I want to end with a good old street racing vibe. Pure racing...no high octane chase sequences or blasts. Something that will make it a full-circle. Dom started from the streets and now he's finally back there...doing what he really loves. "Living his life quarter a mile" with family. That would be beautiful.

Angela Alay 

I felt the same when my dad died few months apart from Paul's death

Kenneth Welborne 

I would act the same way. All of these actors became an actual family off of fast and furious. Rip Paul πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™


2016 and I still sob when I think about Paul :( I think it's time we made a global support group just to console Paul Walker fans

majora mask boys 1024568 

RIP Paul

Izabela Kaniewska 

Why ? it's simple- she loved him

John barfneck 

i think she is crazy hot.....especially when she dressed up as a cop or in that red dress....especially when she did that outdoor survival episode............sad to see her lose a good friend...... good to see unholywood hasn't crushed her soul...

Noel Hauldridge 


Guilherme Costa 

muito linda ela😍😍😍

lucia Toscano 


lucia Toscano 

sono tutti belli e bravi Kissss

cah pedot gaming 

fucking for michele ...

Bryan Friend 

I am not only amazed how good for was but how well the actors took Bryans death I like to give a shoot out to the crew a say good bye to a good actor and friend rip my my friend ur all amazing very beautiful Michele and a what's up to the rest

Bryan Friend 

I am not only amazed how good for was but how well the actors took Bryans death I like to give a shoot out to the crew a say good bye to a good actor and friend rip my my friend ur all amazing very beautiful Michele and a what's up to the rest

J.R.C.S Productions 

Pause it at 0:08 you're welcome


God she is beautiful.

Stephanie Musse 

This whole thing about Paul walker's death still seems so surreal

rachel k 

Pretty Liar Michelle ! The co stars were compelled to 'like-love ' afyer the fans in cyber went sincerely, riduculosly crazy. The rest is just fr franchise

wesley holstine 

I'm very sad that Paul walker is dead and if I could see him right I would tell him how much respect I have. :.(

Maricela Picena 

The fucking trees did this tbeir fucking immortal thats why they want revenge one everyone of use for killing them

abbyemmalauren bearfun 

I understand why she handled it the way she did I still cry at see you again and videos tributed to Paul, the scene in furious 7 between Mia and Brian on the phone had me choked I knew from then on that there was no more Paul and the beach scene had me in tears I was honestly drowning in my own tears but what Paul left behind was a beautiful daughter and his memories what he did for other people and his love for his family and friends, God has gained another Angel and although it hurts his family, friends and fans we have to deal with the fact that he's in a better place and every step of the way he's looking down on us supporting us, race in paradise paulπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Nevaeh Allen 

Love you ma I knows how you feel because when I heard that happen I got crazy and when I am crazy I cry a lot and don't stop


Michelle Rodriguez just went from hot to super hot IMO. What a sweet and sincere human being...

Sebastian Camargo 

Sebastian Camargo 


Mekhai Parker 

i feel so bad for michelle and the rest of the gang because Paul

Lilian Timbak 

b*tch you use cara i hate you 😱😒😒

Giana Vega 

LOL whatever. She's a Bitch. She came to Austin, TX to DJ?? #laff.Β And she totally ignored ALL her fans. It was all about her.

Blanca Estela Reyes 

Lindo entristese pero t informas de lo ultimo k el vivio...

Brandy Garrett 

I think everyone lost their minds as trying to comprehend how the universe would balance again without such a loving soul.

Sinner Iam 

I totally get her. When I found out that my friend died...I went home and I ran non-stop, I don't know how many kilometers that was, but after a while I returned home and literally cried myself to sleep. I was out of my element for maybe a year. And I had just known that friend for hardly 3 years...imagine 14 years of friendship. I admire how strong she is to have been able to pull herself together like that and continue working.




'Why am I f****** here" is exactly the same thing I ask myself every day. RIP Walker

Ella Burrell 

No wonder why they were a family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cristina Aguilar 

Bst movies ever I saw it

Trevor S 

I STILL catch myself forgetting that Paul is no longer with us.......I can Completely understand her .." Crazy " period. Loss does scary and strange things to the people who are closest to a victim.

Tim Kruse 

She took his death pretty hard...:( rip paul