Why ICON ICX Can Be the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency


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nows a good time heh? .20 today. this will seem novel one day.

Scott Holtzman 

My ICON Hodl: https://twitter.com/Hexdek16/status/1045902490191900672


Icon is now under 300 million

Seppe Tank 

Icon hasn’t posted any commits on github in over a month, but don’t worry it’s only temporary. Icx will be huge, but without a doubt needs ledger nano s and trezor operability for the wallet. They won’t attract mainstream investors because the risks are too high. Everyone feels a lot safer storing their crypto on the ethereum platform even though it is already outdated and far behind newer platforms. It’s safe and that is the number one concern every crypto project needs to take seriously when launching its own Blockchain.

Crazy prayingmantis 

Is anyone using this right now?

Kevin DiFilippo 

It seems everyone who is negative towards ICON in the comments can't even spell it right or get the ticker right, so it's obvious they know nothing about the project lol

Ahmad Kamarudin 

Icon now $1..already 50% lose

the future 

Can I store ICX mainnet tokens on EXODUS Wallet?

Gary Winehouse 

ICON is the one I have the most faith in. Not selling.

S Sa 

Icon is he korean ethereum

Negas Alleyne 

I think ETHOS will be around for a while as well

FuFill Your ViBes 

Icx is a sleeping giant. I don’t care about current price because I know in a year I’ll be laughing at the price. 🤑🤑


ICX will hit 30 bucks easy... It's got a circulation of 400,230,000 ICX ... ICON is just as strong of a project as NEO... NEO had an all time high of 194.00 There is 65,000,000...That's about 6 times as much more... So I took that 200 (rounding up) and divided by 6... That's why personally I think ICX will be at least 30 bucks.

Ethan Bishop 

I believe in ICX!! Could be at ethereum levels in the coming years!

Vidz Viral 

when will be bull run on icx? All crypto coins are in bullish but only icx stand around 1.27$ - 1.35$.

1.27$ is big support? or can go down more?

Knad Kicker1 

To the one who said ICX is dead: Wrong! If u know anything about this space, u would know about the Hyperledger project under development - worth looking into. IBM, Microsoft and big tech building an “all of the above” hyper chain but it’s not run with a crypto currency. ICX is doing the same except we can get in on the investment. No one talks about the Hyperledger project enough, it could become THE Icon of the US


with this price ICX is a steal!

Dane Myburgh 

I'm currently loading up on ICX at these low prices. I'd be happy with a bag of at least 3000ICX :)

Dio G 

Super Bullish on ICX!

Dum Gyr 

Great video, I love your Analytics! What thoughts about feniks.finance ? I think the project that in the future will be the best cryptocurrency.

Windows 10 

Delayed roadmap. Loopchain has major partnership but icx don't. I am a little skeptical on icon , however I hold small amount on ucon


Icn is dead

Sean Harvey 

icon and wanchain are the 2018 coins

Musheer Moses 

please make video on... Why FABRIC TOKEN #FT Can Be the Next Big Thing in Cryptocurrency