Why I WON'T Be Buying Anymore Magpul Pmags


Why I WON'T Be Buying Anymore Magpul Pmags

Magpul Pmags have been the gold standard for over a decade. I think that is changing. Make sure you watch till the end and I'll explain why.

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Forging A Path 

The only thing I keep all my GIMAGs for is shooting with my buddies who like to collect weird guns from around the world, quite a few guns chambered in 5.56 cant use PMAGs. Normally its because of the raised patterns on the PMAG.

Jordan Dalton 

What handguard is that?

Zachary Garn 

You have metal feed lips in your butthole.🤷‍♂️

This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen.

Madeleine Ollerton 

disliking any video where the build has a BAD lever

nicholas stewart 

Usgi mags are lighter by a little bit. Not much but weight adds up quick and it’s enough to make a difference. Pmags are stronger overall when it comes to crushing forces but I don’t think the plastic feed lips are going to hold up over time. It really comes down to preference and as long as you have no tilt followers they are both good in different ways

ted intessimone 

lancer sucks..I traded 2 new ones for one pmag..just sayin.

Ralph Reagan 

For a second I thought you were being communist :)


I ended up standardizing on surplus G.I. mags that I upgraded with Magpul followers. Even with the new followers I'm at less than $8.00 per mag. And I know they will work in any AR15, unlike some of the Pmags. I don't drop them or anything like that, and I keep an eye on them to make sure that they are not damaged. And every so often I also run the followers up and down using a wooden dowel. So far I haven't had any issues with them. And if I ever do, I'll just toss them in the recycling bin and buy some more (unless they are banned again.)


I've personally done have a problem with gi mags. 1 deployment to iraq and 2 to Afghanistan and I didn't have a single problem with them. Marines are getting issued pmags now depending on your unit


Thanks for the insight

Austin O'Neal 

Who the fuck cares what you think?

curtis woodard 

The dust cover takes pressure off the feed lips on the pmag if you’re storing them loaded for long periods. If left more than a couple years you better replace mag spring on any mag.

Peter Griffin 

Just plain jane aluminum G.I. mags for me, at $7 a piece they work just fine for me

Mike sarky 

My question is why do you act likes mags are not a consumable item. Magazines are just that a consumable item, end of subject, when they break or wear and all of them will, you replace them.

Joe Craig 

I’ve kept p mags loaded full up for years and taken them to the range, zero problems. I understand what you’re saying but I promise it won’t matter.


At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

Ronaldo Crespin 

Just put a magnet on my Lancer's. They are magnetically attractive. So yes, the Lancer's use a ferrous steel on their mags.

E. L. 

Hey didnt the Marines switch over to Pmags and are only allowing Pmags to be used because they found them to be so much more superior?? I am sorry but I just cant see some dude on youtube(that has a video out about him putting his trigger in backwards) has found a issue with Pmags that the Marine testing did not. Not trying to be mean, just real.

Greg Beals 

The pmag is $11-12, unless you shoot. 308/6.5 creedmoor, those pmags are anywhere from $12-$20. Online I normally see them selling for $20 PER MAGAZINE

Jason Sims 

Ounces equal pounds and pounds equal pain. That relates to the military when you are carrying everything you have on your body, like over 100 lbs. That saying means something along the lines of of being able to carry more items. From you weights presented, there's a 1 ounce difference in weight. You would have to carry 32 or 48 AR-15 PMAGS (2 or 3 pounds) you notice any real difference. And I bet you aren't humping it on foot. It's prob gonna be in your car or truck or atv, so your argument against a great magazine is invalid, in my opinion.


Waste of your time folks

Nick Morales 

Has double digit numbers in mags, but how many tourniquets?


Drop steel or aluminum on concrete and it will bend. If your that worried by alot of mags. Pmags or USGI are all i have. Or will buy


3:09 Magazines shouldn't be left loaded anyways.


I'm new to ARs. How often do people actually need to replace an old mag? Do they wear out quickly?


That hand guard looks gay

john brandenburg 

You should never leave any mag loaded for a long time any mag can fail if you do that ! and the U.S Marine Core ok the p mag gen 3 for duty they would not do that if they were no good ! i like stainless steel mags myself and P mags

Bandit Leu 

Like my hex mags.👍👍👍

Gary LLoyd 

What led you to believe a Lancer mag will feed better after many years of loaded storage? There are several YouTube videos of head to head comparisons of several brands of mags where Lancer, among others, failed from failure to feed. I haven't heard or read about a Magpul mag failing from worn out "lips".


If you dropped a metal magazine on its lips they will get bent out of place and cause feeding problems. I'm not saying don't use them, I'm just saying beware of that vulnerability.

joseph whalley 

You think or you know?I'd buy the pmag every time.


One of my buddies uses hexmags because he got a really good deal on them and from what I've heard they work perfectly for him and I don't think have caused a single malfunction in his ar. This being said I know someone else whose AR is a classic A2 that absolutely refuses to run hexmags reliably. I on the other hand don't have an AR, I have an AK and I have a few each of pmags and tapco mags. I live in California so I can only get 10 round capacity mags, and I managed to find 30 round pmags pinned to hold only 10 rounds and bought 2 of them and they work great, I use those two mags more than I use my other 4 and my AK never has issues. Of all the mags though I feel the tapco mags would have the highest likelihood of causing a failure to feed because the polymer is really tight against the cartridge about to be fed, but it looks like an easy fix


I just don't know that there is any reason, lacking evidence of it being a real thing, to believe that aluminum or sheet steel is less prone to damage than polymer.

Trevor Thomas 

Stop dropping your mags and you'll be fine. Ps plastic is gonna last longer than steel, because steel dents and bends plastic doesn't.

Christian Dinero 

Hk mag. Hk mag. Hk mag.

Todd Mccravey 

"I'm done with p mags"

"I'll still be buying mags from Magpul"

Mike Cuntala 

Pmags come with a “dust cover” clip. If you leave the mag loaded and are worried about the plastic feed lips, keep the cover clip on your loaded magazine. It is designed to push the rounds down slightly taking pressure off the feed lips.

Dj Chaisson 

Crazy?? Yes. Click bait?? Yes if your that weak put down the fried food and hit the gym. You say get better. Get stronger.

Felix B 

thats a nice ar

Shawn Crabtree 

Not helpful and doesn't really follow logic.....like you're having a difficult time coming you with content. Not your best video. Just saying...

Hellas Boy 

You "think" they are better? Sorry, tons of testing and real world use does not support what you "think" I do agree that some gen 1's do not fall free from non colt lowers.


I'm sticking with PMags, simply because I like them. This reminds me of the many debates going on in the gun community these days--whichever you chose, as long as it's close to modern production and moderately cared for, there is hardly a wrong choice. That same response answers 90% of all the current and age-old debates. To sum it all up, it all comes down to personal preference.

Dante Ruberto 

I really like those amend 2 mags easy to load to havent had any issues with them. Neither have I with pmags but loading the amends is smoother


I use hex mags they’re pretty good

Plastic Spray Bottle 

I don’t use GI mags because they break easy. At least in my experience.


Yeah its fun to drop a pmag by accident to bust off a feed lip. Spraying 30 rnds around my shooting booth lol

Scott Kapalin 

Am I the only one who notices He's a little unsure of everything he says.. uh what


I've left steel, Aluminum, and polymer mags loaded for extended periods of time. I've had severe problems with BOTH steel and aluminum feed lips bending over time and causing constant fail to feeds. The polymer mags have had almost no problems.

This is still the same groupthink of the resistance of polymer framed pistols over the past few decades. News flash! The polymer framed pistols hold up BETTER to extreme punishment than the "super strong, ultra durable" steel framed pistols...

Gary McClellan 

Yup, weight is very significant when you are on the move especially.

HKGuy Snowman#1