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Hey!! I'm Melanie, 25, college graduate and back in school to become a teacher. I'd love to ask you questions since you have been through the process?! Thanks

Andrew Webb 

I’m 28 and about to enlist in the Navy and I have a college degree as well. I myself am trying to become an officer but in my opinion enlisted isn’t the end of the world because like you said you can learn and then when you do lead people will respect you. It may be “hard” to become an officer down the road but I think a lot of people expect it handed to them I think you must earn it and fight every single day for it.

life travels 

Your choice is smart but you must serve one year enlisted i believe before you can apply for Ots. There's a shortage of officers so i'm sure you'll make it.

Keturah C 

I did the same thing! I wanted to do the officer route, but I wanted to leave ASAP! Enlisted at 26, have my bachelors degree in communications & I’ll will be going in as E-3! My ship date is March 12! Good luck to you!

aliza omu 

Hy , I wanted to join airforce in medical to continue my physical therapy as proffesional further and I did my bachelor on that ,, so I just wanted to know which is better option Us airforce or us army for that position ? Please suggest?


I’ve made the leap from enlisted to officer. I would highly recommend applying to OTS prior to enlisting. 54% of OTS grads have prior service but you’re competing against a lot more people. Your chances are (sadly) better with no experience and you can start your Air Force career with a higher standard of living. Good luck!


Your recruiter lied, you should have commissioned.


Should of went officer right away. It is not easier to transition once your in. Additionally, it will be years before you can apply to become an officer and only have 2 or 3 times to apply and get accepted before having to wait a full year to try again. there is also the chance of going enlisted and just staying because its easier or getting out of the military because enlisted just gets shit on. officer is a whole different beast where they actually get treated as adults.

Michael's Corner 

Everyone is screaming to become an officer and all but she doesn't regret her decision at all so leave it be!

Erin Gleason 

Hey girl! Just stumbled across your vids. I’m in AFROTC right now, and everyone has been talking about how clogged up OTS is. I would try OTS for you when the board starts opening back up slots and you’ve finished your first 4 or 6 years. Being prior E will give you brownie points as an officer too. Don’t think that your degree won’t get you a slot either. There are plenty of non tech majors that get selected for scholarships and field training for ROTC cadets, and OTS for college graduates as long as your GPA is up to par. Sounds like you have that GPA though. Keep trying if you’re interested!

La necia Alvarez 

Dont go maintenance


Your recruiter lied to you if he/she said you could apply to be an officer when you get to your 1st duty station. He/She also lied to you when they told you you would not be considered for OTS without a STEM degree. Yes, a STEM degree helps, but it is not required. All that is required is a 4 year degree from an accredited university. There are AF pilots who when through OTS with degrees in history, I met one at a party recently. He was younger than me, and I'm 28.

All that said. I hope you are able to put together a good package for OTS when you are first able to and get it.

Bee Fun 

Thx for the info! I love that you're an Adidas girl !! I love love Adidas! Great luck in BMT and Tech school!

YOUR Military Money 

You will definitely excel because of your age, experience and focus. Do great things!

Sang Phan 

crossing from E to O is really a challenge. Putting a package together and have your commander's support is not that easy. I'd rather wait for OTS than to be enlisted and cross over. So hard


If I'm not mistaken, you will have to wait to apply for a commission. It should be in your contract. I came in with a degree and had to wait 2 years before I could apply. Your wait time may be different; however, you won't be able to apply immediately. The Air Force will get some of your services before you can apply.

Sightseeing Sammie 

Ahh, I'm 27 too and I'm hesitant on joining because of how old I am. What made you want to do active rather than reserve?

Analyze Perspective 

best enlisted job in the air force is a Crew Chief on a "heavy" set aircraft, you can be in 7 countries in 2 weeks and often stay in hotels. Just have to take a liking to doing some maintenance on a aircraft

Tom Brown 

You might check online the various commissioning programs in the AF available to active duty members. Don’t depend on the recruiters to give you the whole story they only want to make quota without directly lying to you in the process.


Hey I am an Lt in the AF right now. Honestly I would say try and apply for OTS, yes you can do it later but it is significantly harder to put together the OTS package when you are enlisted. As far as needing a technical degree, that is completely false. I have a liberal arts degree and I am doing just fine. The Air Force just likes to see technical degrees but the acceptance rating for OTS (to become an officer) has a VERY high selection rate. Think carefully before you get on the bus for BMT you can still change your mind and put in the package to go officer until then.

Gonzalo Militar 

I’d try commissioning as an officer first tbh. It’s gonna take a while if you go enlist first then officer later, rather just going in directly as an officer. The enlistment should be the second choice given that it’s easier to get into...

chang chong 

You don't need to have any experience to be an officer. Most people are completely clueless as LT's. Its normal. You should have commissioned tbh.


Definitely understandable

Wishing you the best! (There’s multiple Officer programs)

Simon Whitlock 

Shipping out in 5 days

J Tho 

Randomly stumbled upon your videos. I too am a college graduate with a 4 year degree; however, I'm enlisting with hopes of going officer in the future (Navy). I also watched your video on why you joined at 26/27. I'm the same age, and your story is so similar to mine it's scary lol. Ex-fiancee drama, not enlisting after high school, managing bars and restaurants, teaching, career changes, yada yada yada. Anyway, your story really resonated with me. It made me realize how badly I want this, and how it's not too late. Thank you so much for sharing. Keep up the content and best of luck to you!

Nick Pileggi 

I leave for BMT in a week from now! I’m excited, but nervous to leave all of my friends and family behind. Any pointers on how to try and not think about home, friends, family so much while away? Or do you just tend to not think about it while in BMT?

Luis Feliciano 

Perfect !

Sergeantos Story 

So in my experience as an E4 and a young NCO, I remember hearing other people not respecting or having confidence in a Second Lt straight out of ROTC or Academy. They didn’t have that “operational” experience to lead people. Like you said, you will have seen both sides of the Air Force. Heck, you will also be on a different pay scale you will be on the O1E (enlisted). Extra money!!!! So, I would go for it if you have the opportunity to become an officer. I would if I could’ve back then. Anyways, good luck!! The count down continues.

Joe Richmond 

I totally agree

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Jaylen M. 

Hi Brittany, My Air Force Recruiter doesn’t want to talk to me me until after I take the ASVAB test and then I have to schedule a appointment to meet with him after New Years. But I don’t know how to take the ASVAB test. So I had talked to a Navy recruiter and he’s willing to take me to MEPS to do my ASVAB and physical but I really don’t want to join the Navy. While at MEPs can I tell someone that I want to change to Air Force, would they let me? Would I have to stop MEPs and try again some other day? My recruiter is bad and takes his time but I want to enlist and be put on quick ship. I really don’t care what job I get. FYI I’m a senior in high school so I can’t change recruiters

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That's so great☺💖👍