Why Are Targeted Individuals Targeted?


Why are Targeted Individuals (TIs) targeted? Pentagon documents tell about the new threat to national security. "Empowered individuals" are people whose crimes include: independent thought, unwitting influence on their community, and unpredictable behavior.


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Rachel McNeal 

Wow ! I walk the valley of the shadow of death I fear no evil. I walk in faith and not by sight. In Jesus almighty name Amen.god bless you all . god is great in me .


So now add this in from a spiritual basis... Demons that don’t want the Good people influencing any community cause the demons wanna pull the wool over everyone’s eyes

Alberto AS Roma 

This video as many many others on the internet including blogs, web pages, Facebook pages etc..etc..., is misleading, confusing and harmful even. People who say these things are doing exactly what somebody else wants they do: covering as much as possible the real problem. The real problem is that the expansion of wireless telecommunications is causing a lot of health issue for worldwide population and environment. If you abandon this disinformation and correctly re-address your research you will find what is really the matter of concern: Just go to Google Scholar and search for radio waves WiFi and/or LiFi and health problems and you will find academic studies like this: @t This is just one of the myriad of important academic research. But none of them receive an adequate promotion. Who knows why? You just need to check amid honest and intelligent persons. This is the information to read, study and PROMOTE FOR OUR HEALTH. THANKS.


THIS. IS. ME. I've always known my life was a real-life Truman Show but couldn't say anything for fear of being ridiculed. My entire family has always been agsinst me because I am different to all of them. I never knew why that is until now. Everything makes sense to me. I feel empowered to know what the heck has been happening to me. Did anyone else, as a child, decide to contruct a pyramid and then freak everyone out when you showed them what you did using your own brain?!

Dina Charlayne 

we learn to fight. empowered. the empowered. community empowerment empowers you. coz that's advanced military tactics. uh - oh i'm not aware of something completely?

cddac - 

Because those who does these things with us are psyhopatas, perverse, and had several mental illness. Theres no answer. They love to harrass the people.

Jenny OkieGirl 

Yup am a ti duckin n weavin on 2 fronts. Run run as fast as you can you'll never catch me I'm the gingerbread man. That song has been stuck in my head since I was a child.

Meg Myth 

"The Dissenters"

Michael Knight 

They might be victomized with that technolgy but calling them targted individuals is blindsideing the general public into thinking its ok to be done and the wrong term " ti " incourages society to go after the victom..... Eye Spy.

Nina Chan 

In Merced Ca, they are doing this to me. They are paranoid n upset n they are racist n prejudice n very jealous n they are Asian people. They recorded everyone's phone calls. They listen to these phone calls, hack your phones n listen to whomever who knows anything about them... as soon as you know about what they did to you, THEY fuck with you, blame you n trying to blame you n take your kids from you n lying about it. I was drugged n raped. They even spied n harassed me to the fullest n lied I killed myself after taking sleeping pills to sleep... I was molested n they lied about it. They violated my privacy n harassing me n threatening me n lied it's a documentary to not get arrested... they took my kids from me to use as weapons n to silence me about rape n me being molested by Saengatith Luangviseth n there are these sexual predators n child sex predators who sexually preyed on my daughter... they are paranoid about these individuals going to prison about stealing money from bank a

Marvin Saucedo 

I think it's just federal government trying to protect the country from crime lord and warlords and terrorists and if ur being watched u must not be doing something good.


You people are mentally ill.

Dawn M. Lausen 

Thank you. Finally answers

P G 

I feel like I'm targeted, but I definitely have no influence over anyone I ever talk to, I'm completely alone.

Little roof over our heads 

Pretty sure I’m not a T.I. But this is interesting.


Great video. Also another potential aspect I've heard mentioned is we get to leave this prison planet after our lives whereas they remain.

Dorothy Kitzinger 

Here i am again.at the shelter there was a woman that befriended me and long story short she would only talk to me in the restroom alone or in the hallway or when i gave her a couple rides .in the room with 8 residents she never talked to me.i got it, she wasant allowed to be nice to me.the day she left her ride wasant about i took her.she told me i was the nicest person she ever meant and apologized for her vacancy of friendship in public.she told me how beautiful i was and the feelings that the community had.i havent talked to her but i knew in my heart that's what it was all about. Hang in There guys we have them!!!! Thanku again Gotham and TIs.

Dorothy Kitzinger 

Ur so on.i really never listened to a whole site of urs but this is dynamic to me. Thats what i have been doing just what u have said preventive measures listening to Channels that are Knowledgebased on so many subjects.i didnt do that because of being a TI just because i was so tired of the ignorant info.iam in lol

. the first video not sure whos it is.it was next on the list.said the phases of Targeted Ind.iam not even going to go there.Why! If it gets anymore aggressive iam so afraid i will also. It takes everything out of me to be pleasant kind helpful to the community that is so so i cant even find a word well disrespectful to me in every aspect of my life for 8 years. at first b4 i started my alignment vibrational process i came back verbally not much,but everyone knows who's Empowered feels when the community patronizes or belittles them in a way that is allowed by the community and Society. Gotham Nation iam in!!!

Dorothy Kitzinger 

Hello i was just listening to a site on ur site Gotham Nation. it was if u see something just say poff or poof i dont no but icant get it back. anyone in Gotham Nation help me? It was a video that he feels something and he turns around nothing there. That makes me kind of disrespectuf of things on UTube iam on constantly then i cant get what iam on back.Ok thanku everyone

naveen sabharwal 

In India also there are targeted individuals i am from one of it

Vinny Sal 

I go thru this where ever I go outside,when I walk down the street almost 90% I see cars passing bye.

. I'm only 17 ,man this sucks that I have to endure this!. But the only person i got is 😇Jesus😇.

newbone kanobe 

They are harvesting your fear..and i formation.ignore them and move on ..live your life ..its a mix of gov.and demons and witches...get yourself clean and and spiritually right .and ignore them ..seeing them gives them power and a right to attack you....


Used to cover the more obvious open crimes. If you are seen to do nothing about that... - you are easy meat, and will be used. So you hafta figure out who's using you to do what crime, not what crime is being done to you.

The Last Free Apache 

Perps are the Matrix Police. They are targeting the ones who escaped the Matrix.

Jonathan Driver 

So it's a fig? it's ... a banana? and a potato? do monkeys eat mushrooms too? and if they do, will they wash that off as well???

Three lil PIGS 

God forbid you go out there making friends and influencing people. Shame shame, they know our names.

Three lil PIGS 


Jane Lifestolen 

I would rather be free than empowered.

Thunder Bandit 


d mar 

Its a MINDFUCK. Keep your shit or lose your shit. Valium does help a TI.

Yolo Walters 

I’m boring ass civilian. But for some reason police in my local area think I’m bad ass. Lol. They think I’m Scarface something. Lol. Riducolus.

Katie Pieterse 

I am a Targeted Individual that is used as a online video game for Murder 24/7 and it's called MURDER THE SOCIALITE ON MILLIONAIRE'S ROW. I might not live within the next couple unless someone understands this lethal crime. I am the combination of the traditional military grade microwave weaponary and V2K used for the use of war and also the combination of the latest craze of EMF broadcast/halohram gaming world!!! People get paid to murder me without touching me. They took a smart, outgoing girl who was pretty and has destroyed her for fun out of jealousy!!! People know and no one can help at the moment unless they start speaking out!! These military, government, and contracted cops from Texas are behind this. They've killed 8 women already!!! This is the truth. I am sane, clear headed, highly educated and disappointed of the States to allow this to happen!!!

Gagson N 



Sharon Vincent 

Awesome video..

Lizzie Sangi 

People need to understand there is a better life through chemicals and get high. Get them from the Dr, or know where you're going to buy on the street. But, my God, people need to get high.

Simon Pitt 

Gang Stalking Australia http://youtu.be/0KEiNsnOYKI

Aisha Mc 

They just want ur organs period.

Aisha Mc 

They r targeting me for my organs My whole family is dead because of this. My grandmom, aunt, momma, both my uncles, and great grandmom, and other uncles. Now they coming for me and my husband. They targeting disabled people who people more than likely not going to care about. Cremation to cover their tracks. It's going down in michigan all over but mainly at the hospitals. Doctors in with them as well. Im not a donor hell I need my organs.


What makes you TI's so important to use lots of time and money spent just to target you ?

Edward Torres 

I am TI and tortured with V2k

All evidence submitted to the supposed agencies that protect your life and they had done nothing


Satanists make up excuses like targeting people supposedly for being whistle blowers, criminals, or drug users but the truth is that they like you to feel guilty or have an excuse for them to do this to people but in reality they are psychopaths, they are doing this using mind power using their brains, no technology or electronics are used, that's why they don't catch them. and you know... is almost impossible for people to believe that humans can do telepathy and have control over your body without technology but is true, I hope this helps and I hope the truth comes out one day... they are really using powers of Satan... incredible but true

Adam Zipper 

This is why we need to form more community gardens...get to know all ur neighbors...put common unity back into community..that’s what they’re truly afraid of because if a whole community is together there’s nothing they can do to poison or stop them from growing into united city then state..country n so on!

Ann Bell 

Mine started by angering Chinese Nationals along with their Jewish Lesbian Therapist enablers. Don’t go to acupuncturist or therapists. AVOID! I had a good honest chinese roommate who confided they are all spies and can’t trust one another. I won’t go to an asian doctor or dentist either. They also hate you if you are naturally talented. If you are creative, hide it and make progress in secret.

Shannon Culp 

Stay blasting to light

Darla Chino 

They use informant's to do dirty work. Any govt employee who will go along. Police also. 3 left me for dead. Father has a greater purpose for us. Put a shield on which is by reading....fasting ....and praying.... Don't b afraid. Trust ur instincts

Soul Survivor157 

Your right .very informative video thanks for the info I'm a targeted individual from aberdeen Scotland UK knowledge is power.

Laurence Pinney 

Damn. Schizophrenia is one hell of a drug. I'm not saying this because I don't believe you. I'm saying this because I saw the "proof" videos, and saw what are just poor people with thought disorders, off their medication, and having a bad day.


Empowered individuals, in my personal case, are made to be like that in elementary school. My belief about my personal story is that a policeman started practicing some wierd techniques on me as a child. The fact that I was trying to wiggle away mentally got me good at having unpredictable behaviour to fool his predictions.

I learned influence to be able to speak this experience properly and convince, yet the unwittingness of my influence was only the result of me trying to escape his attacks. What I am saying by that is that he would spike me emotionally and then if I was already speaking to someone in that time-frame the emotion became unwitting.

Now I was only 6 years old when the man started trying to manipulate me. I allow myself to say out loud on Youtube that I am made to be one of those individuals targeted by the Govs...

The facts remain though, I am more than convinced that I have exposed his modus operandi in advance so given the fact that he slacked on his hit since I


Witchcraft/black magic is also a big part of this.

Little Helper 

It's much more in my case: they did their things since I was born, it didn't matter I wanted to help, they forced the thing like against their interest, they are not happy with the isolation - they want me dead, more of them are convinced with ridiculous arguments (like they would need one) and I only offered to shut up and go, but they still are reluctant (and that's going, again, despite any precaution and doctrinal approach. I get out all their stupidity and secrets, that's why I think I am more than a TI - I am a probe. and you don't know how grateful that makes me, because I wanted so much these jerks to pay!