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Hey guys! Would you be as scared as us to fall 10 FEET OFF A LEDGE?? Who else should we get to sit in the chair? Let us know down below!

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Chezra Games 

11:30 Let there be light

Cameron Boot 

I'm confused? Red Blue Green are the primary colours, and then Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow are complementary (secondary)!


4:13 False, Elon didn’t create Tesla, he was their biggest shareholder and when the two previous CEOs, Martin and Marc, stepped down, Elon was appointed Chairman.

Ethan The Atlas 

Does anyone know what song that Alexa started playing when Matt tounches it?

Lisa Williams 

10 feet drop!?!

Satah Bates 

4:57 how dare you protest

Satah Bates 

Snip snip

war hound 

Hahaha they made this on my birthday June 21st OMG

Gary Ulmer 

I thought they were gonna fall off a 20 story building

When's lunch 

Welcome to team ledge!




I feel the Monty Python in this :D :D :D

Drahut Drahat 


Sidney Black 

So a flamingo case?

Like in the Queen of Heart's court.

Sentence first before verdict!

golden dragons 

8:20 wats that song called plz tell me

Kaylee Hasenzahl 

From 4:43 - 4:48 It cracks me up


2 people almost died on my birthday wow

Holly Noelle 

Ok, I am dying 😂

When Matt said ok Google. Google search opened on my phone. 😂

James Urizar 

3:15 *description* : June 13th, 2018

The saying: June 21st, 2018

Robby Fuslier 

Why didn’t Joey pick Bryan instead of Bobby?

Bobby Twotrees 

45 sec *squeak* YEET *slap*

Here is the tall white man


When he said "ok google" my phone responded😂

Legendary Scars 

This was filmed a day after my birthday

Sandy Forman 

Are you from Dope or Nope who

is the judge

Jaci V 


Yosepat Garcia 

Put Coner in the seat

Ben Wolf 

My google speaker would answer everytime you said "okay google" XD

Enzo Rejman 

There are four horsemen of the apocalypse. Death, war, plague, and famine

lily k 

11:34 let there be light???


Matt saying "OK Google" caused mine to freak out

Aiden Saball 

I thought Bryan would falls first

Katrina Paris Hicks 

I’m always so scared the chair will fall on top of them and break their necks

Vicious Wraith 

i have arachnaphobia and it's severe

amber Lamb 

Hi 👋

Michael Gouws 

....Each time he said ok Google my Phone went into Google

Like if it Happened to you

Cashxunicorn /Ronny pie 

I wish I had friends to do this with..

Jaden Larsh 

I'm dying. When he said ok Google my phone opened the ok Google thing😂😂😂

greninja assassin 

remember when matthias was a true part of team edge those were the days :(

Kyra Wozniak 

Snip snip!

Cp 952 Fortnite 

The primary colors are red,blue,yellow

The Man That Poops 

Favorite part was when he smacked the gavel back down

Sophia Landis 

Someone help me!!! Who is who? I have no clue!!! J-Fred and Matthias look so alike 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

Azriela Kuhn :3 

Matthias omg 🤣

JROTC bullshitery 


red panda overlord 

It is smaug the terrible

Shay Duda 

Now more mathies

Jason Janvier 

Bray why...




Actually the fortress of solitude was built by John leave them

Mitchell Coon 

At 8:11 my Google assistant turned on xD