WhipAddict: T-Top Pontiac Firebird Trans Am on Amani Forged Vdara 26s, Custom Interior, Custom Paint


GTR Car Show: @real_slicktalker brought out this Custom Trans Am Firebird out to the GTR Show, cobalt blue and pink color scheme is sick! Sittin on 26" brushed Vdara Amani Forged wheels, provided by Perfect Care Auto in Georgia. Full custom interior, pink with the blue piping, emblems and carpet. Custom door panels for the car audio also! One nasty whip!

Channel:  WhipAddict
Myke Grundhöfer-Dudek 

I dig the colors it’s unique

Hello There 

Wtf did you do to that poor muscle.


yeeeeeeeah buddy!!!


I am a woman who Adores Pink (all shades of it some more then others). There are just some things you do not do to a car and soft pink is one of them or any pink except Electric or metallic on certain styles but not all can pull it off.

Zach Mike 

Do you have to notch the frame to get 26 inch rims on that car

Tony Myers 

When u buy car u do what u won't to do with it..

Vend Master 


Kissie Phillips 

Dat thang go hard loving the colors my mom was a fan of the purple look and plus she had cancer witch represents the pink so loving this car

Daryl Postell 

I would've went wit that blue and yellow.. thank me later

Breanna Playz 

Go back to paint booth & change that pink

duncan connors 

no the rims noooo whyyy😭😭😭

Demetra Mcmullen 

that bitch hard as fuck!!

Nathan Jackson 

oh shit.. moment of silence for the weak

that mf is bad ass

Dennis Wells 

this is clean but wrong colors


This is the sickest bird ever ain't nobody fuckin wit this


Killed em!


Pink tho... Can't do it bro.


LOOKIN GOOD! Not sure about the lavender color though.