Wheel Of Fortune Slot Machine | Max BET Wins | Royal Caribbean Harmony of the Seas| Casino Royale


We rarely play Wheel of Fortune, but during our cruise, the Royal Caribbean's Casino Royale just opened the brand new Wheel of Fortune Slot Machines and the max bet was $10! We had such a blast playing this game, and we received sooooo many bonuses and gold spins!

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Additionally -- the first game we played was Triple Strike, betting $25 per spin, and watch us get a nice win at the very beginning! Please check out all of our social channels and merch!

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Chris Schepers 

You guys are some lucky gamblers. I’ve never seen so many bonuses and big wins in the short amount of time of your videos.

rowena navarro 

Expo 2018 is going on right now lady luck check out booth 2116 JACKPOT DIGITAL OR twitter @jackpotdigital www.jackpotdigital.com

Charlie Agrinsoni 

Great win. Sucks for the 17 people who disliked this...

Joe Wittwer 

Thank you for all the work you and your husband put into your videos they're great to watch super entertaining, keep up the big wins.

Cholo Ricepatty 

So awesome 👍🏽🤙🏽

Martha Plichta 

You guys are so awesome 🤗

Salvina Lauricella 

Love Wheel of Fortune despite its odds lol.

Angelo Cipriano 

Lady Luck you guys are lucky keep up the great uploads ;-)

Todd Lundquist 

I showed 3 of your videos today...that almost is a hour show for three videos..we all love the longer shows..

Thx Todd

keyuana vaughans 



nice video, i love the wheel a fortune slots. that 1000 was so close!

Todd Lundquist 

Great video as always I'm showing this today to your senior super fans...Todd

Mirela Hadzic 

Hi!! Glad to see you guys play the WOF Gold Spin! This was one of the games I recommended a while back!!😀

I’ve actually never seen a machine hit so many spin signs as yours did. You guys picked a good one! LOL

Glad you enjoyed it!!! Can you tell me if the casino on the cruise was smoke free or a smoking one? Just curious since I haven’t been on a cruise yet!

Kendall Kidd 

Nice ‘Jackpot Lady’ lol


Sweeeeeeeet 🍀🍀🍀🍀

Jane B 

Congrats what amazing wins!!!looks like a good selection of machines for a cruise ship.loved video ❤👍❤👍liked that wheel of Fortune

doggy dog 

Wow..!!! cool game, ill have to look for this this weekend at casino. thank you both for the videos...Both of you were raised very well, i can see it and hear the sincerity in your voices...! #bigmoney #ladyluckhq

Anna Anna 

Very nice game like 👍

Mlcabrera Cabrera 

Do you and your husband own your own company? I thought I saw a pizza slogan on the microphone you use in ur videos. Just curious.

Tom K 

You're the Bonus whisperer

Bonsai Yama Review 

Very nice run on both machine!! They played and payed well!

Maya chiefman Slots 

Now thats what i call having fun with few 🍺🍻🍻🍻🍻 lol nice win lol so much fun watching u guys play... never miss a vid 👍😁

Jason B 

He's good at math.

Lisa Marie 

Great spins and bonus rounds!!! On fire!! I'm saving up weekly for my flight and gambling $$, I hope book a trip by my bday in February!! I hope to meet you both!! 🤞

Ronnie Young 

cool win

Bertha Pogue 

You two are so entertaining thank you

geoffrey cylwik 

Lol...someone's been drinking.

Thomas Baumann 

you are so nice, always polite and thankful, sure you don't want to move to the ocean in florida?

Lootbox TV 

It looked like a lot of fun!

Low Roller Hubby 

Nice wins. Thx for posting


dammmm,lady luck did real good bro .that wheel kept coming.......WOW

Kevin Hoekman 

Thank you for the video.

Tommy Saito 

Ohhhhhhh I was hoping you'd hit that 10k. Looks like a machine I'd play. ... WOF? omg I run run far away from it lol dont know why. Thanks for another entertaining video. Aloha!!! 😍🤙💲💲💲💲

Jonathan Myers 


Karina Tran 

Wow am I the first one???