What is a Social Business?


People Talk To People. Not Logos.

Everybody has a tribe. Every business has a tribe. Social business is about maximising your tribal impact.

Business. Made. Social. That’s what we do!

We believe it’s time to put employees in front of the logo.

At a time when B2B buying decisions are increasingly influenced by trusted networks and social endorsements, it’s more important than ever that businesses shift their social media strategy towards a holistic social business approach.

– Our Mission –

To empower your workforce and wider eco-system to become digital ambassadors for your brand. We want to help you positively impact lead generation, referral recruitment, revenue growth and employee engagement.

No-one can tell your brand story better than those who live it every day – your employees. When employee expertise and talents are showcased in front of the logo, they bring a whole new level of authenticity, credibility and trust to your brand story.

– How We Do It –

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