What's New in Surviving Mars Opportunity Update


Surviving Mars got a nice update on April 25th, 2018. This patch includes Passages (Tunnels) and other items for free! We take a peek at the visual elements. Read the full patch notes via the link below.


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Do I have to start a new game to get these ?

James Blagg 

Is this xbox one

Tom N. 

Thanks. This is helpful. Is there a limit to the length of the passageways?

Frank Militello 

Any idea when the PS4 version will get this patch?

AJC 5026 

On playstation?

Gideon Trillian 

Thanks, Ezilii.

Carl Hooker 

This is great! Add this update with the fact that everyone gets the first dlc free as well and one can see this game will just get better and better

AJ Tupman 

Nice little video, thanks Ezilii.


Do you have start again to see the new techs?