What's it's really like to work in Game industry


"You get paid to play games all day?" Everyone thinks the video game industry is just fun and games. I'm here to tell you it's not. It complex software development and problem solving with a twist. Not only do you have to make a solid software program, on time, on budget. You also have to make sure its fun. Building games is hard enough. Building a game that is fun and makes money is even harder.

Discover all the different positions that have to come together to make a hit video game. Learn the differences of working at AAA publisher, a developer to a startup indie studio. The highs, the lows, the late nights, where we harvest unicorn tears and lots of caffeine. Did I mention caffeine? Over my 20 years in video games I have seen it all, and lived to talk about. Please come with questions, prepared to laugh and learn why we don't get paid to play games all day.

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Boi singhn 

what if ur gonna start a game company

Angel Fernandez 

I know it's hard but if your passionate about games and you want to do something to revolutionize the industry then you got to keep going. The creator of Apple didn't get there in a day


4:57 westwood college game testers.


this guy is very funny

Aliana Jacobs 

Thanks for this insights, it's very informative!

Leon William 

they are blocking all doors no matter how talented you are

Justin Powers 

I see a lot of comments from people that the moment they realize the truth about the game industry, it just turns them off, I watched the entire video and even though his warnings are probably legit, I still want to do this. Everything he said whether good or bad makes me want to do this even more.


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Evil Geniuses should change his password XD


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Mysterious Pig 

but at night I'm Batman ROFL

Rasean Dilligard 

was he talking about snow wolf or white wolf? when it came to gothic

Linkfreak 404 

Now I'm stuck being a 24 year old, not knowing what I wanna do with my life.

trigger shot 

Top 10 Tips for Getting Into The Video Game Industry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jkVUnTEzM1o&t=15s

katy phelan 

Is this video legitimately real job advice here .???

katy phelan 

if you play online will you get notice by video game companies .?


Same as construction compay's, if you work for a good company they will manage the job's properly, you will work 8 hrs day steady, sometimes you have to work overtime but its the nature of the beast.

Shit managed company's bid cheap, pay their employees cheap and expect them to work stupid long hours.

If you can only buy x amount of dev kits then have your employees on rotating nights and days or have new employees work nights then move to days.

Nevermind he talked about it in the video "fun prison" lol.


remember, there is only a finite number of games that can be sold everyday due to limited number of buyers. Combined with a limited number of genres. just as in the current movies available, the games will eventually come down to who can they sell to.  people with disposable time on their hands.  those that work 10 hours a day, don't have time for games, especially if they have a family.    these companies will eat each other soon enough just to maintain marketshare.

Anhad Singha 

I really liked how he ended the conference and willing to take questions via email! That was very professional

Anhad Singha 

Because it's a work and PlayStation

Anhad Singha 

I really liked American wasteland

Anhad Singha 

Hello! I'm kinda interested in both Producing and sound design for games but I studied commerce in high school so how can I go about it? I wanted to know what are the most important skills one can have in the gaming industry. My priority is Sound Design and Music Production

dashawn robinson 

At 16:13 he was speaking on the UK dev. team Bizarre Creations Limited and I actually liked Blur.

The Mighty Penguin 

If you're watching this video and immediately thinking along the lines of "I don't want to do that", you'd better rethink entering this industry or at least the sector you want to work in, within it (Indie, AA+ etc.). Now with that said, being concerned about working such extreme hours relative to the pay you'll get, definitely makes sense and no one really wants that. But that's why alongside your soft and technical attributes, one very important trait you need to inherit or immediately exhibit, is a great ambition for video game creation.

If you don't have a passion for making games, you're going to find It very difficult to be motivated during the creative process, you're going to find it difficult to recharge after stressful work hours, justifying sacrifices will be difficult and overall you may possibly fail to recognize the reward of what you make/made. That's why game studios like Naughty Dog, Bethesda, EA, Guerrilla Games, Kojima Productions, Konami, Nintendo, Ubisoft et cet

Showwave Maharjan 

For all those people in the comments yapping about how miserable AAA+ EMPLOYMENT is, its the same, which ever fucking creative field you choose, but guess what, working just 9-5 as an a ccountant or in any other commerce field is much worse than you think.

You would rather enjoy work 90 hr/week in a gaming industry than fucking recording the same old fucking macros in a spreadsheet. Or typing 1000 of stupid letters and emails that makes no fucking sense and the worst part is the office environment, like formalities, uniforms, and fucking papers all over the building.

Just go work as a GAME DEVELOPER. Life will be fine.

Jeremiah Cripps 

@MinneStarMedia What is your stance in regards to FullSail for a novice looking to get into game development, other than the hefty tuition price tag.

Adam Saeed 

I'm willingly watching this video and getting excited about it every minute although it's a full lecture (50min). What do you think guys, should I sign up for it?

Photoshop By Alfredo 


katy phelan 

i'm 38 and always want to be a video game tester but no experience . i know how to video games and spot the bugs when playing it but questing not it doesn't really count .?

katy phelan 

why doesn't anything count that you done in previous jobs as experience .?

Vladimir Zlatanovic 

13:15 "How did you manage so many projects at once?"

"Speed, caffeine"


Oh my gosh the volume is so low.


"'Everyone thinks the video game industry is just fun and games. I'm here to tell you it's not"

Maybe an idiot like you should read the reviews and comments on Youtube those who are actually working aaa+ studios? before making an idiotic speech?


"Did I mention caffeine? " yeah like this is in all office type job idiot. Clearly you arent a real dev.


19:47 - "Oh did you say developer? . . I'm not a developer . . . LOL wtf fuck you and fuck this video.If you arent a developer then you should shut up.

katy phelan 

i'm done apply to video game companies because i already know that i will be rejected before they even look at or care to .


Is it bad that even after all that, it still seems very exciting to work in the games industry? I live for the crunch, that stress of always running around and not knowing exactly what is going to go wrong. What job specifically best fits that?

Raska The Furry 

The best combo would be A game dev that loves playing those games. ( Geme dev and tester in one person, saving money >.> )

Raska The Furry 

The reason why PC came back is overall performance and better value/performance than consoles. As well you are completely free. Want powerful machine ? You can. Want budget ? You can. Dont like Windows ? Get Linux... As well PC due its power gets all the new stuff and its a work standard, so, why not have a PC. And many more things. Its not hard to get into PC gaming, its easy as get it, plug it and play

Stacy Mitchell 

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Rohan M 

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Allen Osborn 

Loved the video. Got to say screw those kids tho. Half the time they were on facebook.

andrew padilla 


Real Fantasy Games 

Been an indie developer is far more gratificant than work for others, you create your ideas your stuff as you really like.

BB Hoody 

The solution to this is for more indie devs to pop up and become successful as small studios. Don't sit there working for these studious until retirement or something. That's a sucka move. Get the experience, get your skills sharp, make connections and friends. Then go off to do your own thing. That goes for any industry not just gaming.

If enough experienced employees go do their own thing and succeed at it. Even if it's on a smaller scale. It adds up. As in all these budding indie devs combined, will eventually be taking such a large chunk of the pie from the big name studios and publishers. That those guys will have o choice but to change how they do things in order to create an incentive for people to work for them rather than become competitors.

Jakub Jahic 

Very informative video, thank you :).

Please could you post links in descriptions to books and other sources you mentioned?

And also, if someone has a question, we can't hear it. So please, before you answer that question, could you repeat it?


19:47 - "Oh did you say developer? . . I'm not a developer . . . " WTF!?