What Rights Do Refugees Have?


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Recently, mobs of Pakistani Christians lynched two men in Pakistan. So what led to this violent act?

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Worshippers killed in Pakistan church bombings


“At least 14 people dead and dozens wounded in twin bombing targeting two churches in Lahore, police say.“

Pakistan church bomb: Christians mourn 85 killed in Peshawar suicide attack


“Pakistan's worst-ever attack on beleaguered Christians prompts warning by bishop for future of minority in Muslim countries”

Pakistan Christians hold funerals for church blast victims


"Hundreds of Pakistani Christians have attended funerals for the victims of two Taliban suicide bom...

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Stephen Bailey 

Refugees have the right to go to the closest country to them to avoid war. When they come from Africa to the West they are simply freebie Seekers. That being the case they have the right to be put in concentration camps fingerprinted, booked, and then deported back to where they came from. They are simply unskilled uneducated Muslim freebie Seekers trying to take advantage of the Christian West. These moves when should go to moves from countries but they will never go there because there is no welfare. All they seek is freebies welfare Free Shelter cars and free schooling of which they contributed nothing. Round them up and send them back home.

Danahrio Herron 



I'm watching this video as part of a research for my assignment.

.......And found the comment section to be full of "enlightened" people, very "welcoming" and full of "love" to fellow humans.

john hansberry 

they have the right NOT to lie about their age.

50 Cent Kurwa 




Roman Soiko 

我工南民权全世 I work for refugee rights around the world Je travai pour droits d l'refuges en les monde Я работаю за права беженец округ все света Yo trabajo para derechos refugiados en todo el mundo Eu trabalho para diertos refugiados em todo do mondo انا اعمل في حكوك العولاين في علم

American guy 

America please don’t take in refugees for these reasons:

There is too many people in America which means it’s hard to keep them all from ending up homeless

It’s not easy to get any jobs in America because of no reason

Refugees might end up homeless due to unemployment

Refugee kids might end up in foster care and end up homeless due to aging out

Refugees might end up either obsessed with guns or shot dead by America’s gun culture

Refugees might end up in jail or prison

Refugees might end up obese like those other people due to fast food

Finally it’s not easy to train refugees into being part of the armed forces due to harsh training like marching in the rain or under harsh weather

Saundru One 

They pass like 5 or more countries before they arrive to northern countries, I only say that

Jungles Bongles 

the UN says 97% of asylum seekers are economic migrants. migrants that want welfare money that is 15-times their local salary, so theyre no fools.

Sham Entertainment 

When u talk about Sryian refugees u r directly talking about ISIS and embrace them as refugees .

scales lizard1 

Guys, just turn off the comments, seriously this is cancer down here

G. S. 

This is some serious leftist liberalist bullcr4p... I like this channel, but this video is simply garbage......

alllives matter 

Fuck refugees they fucked their own countries, end of.

Nishchay Bhuta 

i want to leave my job ns want to b refugee!!!

Abhisek S. Huple 



they have the right to fuck of from my country


Oh my gawd, this video is all over the place...Refugees are those fleeing from armed conflict and migrants are those fleeing economic crisis. The people leaving Syria are REFUGEES!!! If they go back they face the very real possibility of death. There's no such as an "economic refugee". They are MIGRANTS.


they have the right to get the fuck out

Ramiro Estevez 

according to politicians, not even the right to exist


They also have the right to rape swedish women and get away with it.

Roman Soiko 

我工南民法全世 Je travai pour droits d' refugees en les monde  Я работаю за права беженец в мира Yo trabajo para derechos refugiados en el mundo انا اعمل في حكؤك الغلاين في غلم


Haha this is funny in My eyes in My country and all of europe in 2015 all was like refugees welcome now 2016 Get out your scum!

Naethan Carter 

They have none, keep them out of england


Yet South Korea & Japan accept a minuscule amount of refugees.

Gulf states aren't accepting any refugees. neither is Iran nor Russia.


Yet South Korea & Japan accept a minuscule amount of refugees.

Gulf states aren't accepting any refugees. neither is Iran nor Russia.


pray for cologne


What a crock of shit....there are WAY more negatives in letting in refugees then there is positives.


We need to take in more refugees,50,000 this year shouldn't be to much to ask.with great screening of course.

Karim El-houssami 

Comment section filled with rubbish that supports nationalist lies and xenophobia. What if you were on the run like them?

roy childs 

Refugees have no rights unless you believe they do.

Night King 

brothers of iraq and syria i know its hard time on you guys just dont lose hope iraq syria will rise again . Allah will help you guys my country pakistan is open for you 💓

Mr Nobody 

Where is Hitler when you need him, save Europe from this parasite wave!

Aleksandar Milanov 

The whole Europe should get them on the boats and ship them to America - The land of the free :) after all America did create them by invading the middle east

Zehnstern Astrologie 

No rights for terrorgees.


Refugees should have way more rights.


....the taxpayer's right to be protected from exploitation supersedes "refugee" rights....refugee rights don't include perpetual welfare support

mantra magic 

i fed up with these refugee can we talk about rights of europeans !......there is quatar o no?


Germans once again gave a carte blanche that will ruin Europe once more. :) Thank you germans (politicians).


Where are the Syrian Christians?




Hans von Grimm 

They have the right to return to their Islamic paradise in the desert.

Bill Smith 

muslims none. Christians = 10


In Australia, these 'refugees' usually end up getting free housing, free cars and get welfare claims processed way before any actual citizens. They are given more things for free and are more well then many hard working Australians.Take a page from us Europe, deport these bastards. Most of don't speak any European language, have any significant job skills, and don't want to integrate into your culture. They will bring nothing but suffering, greed and destruction.

Lam Kit 

Look at the fuckin' boobs in the pink top


I masturbate to this chick...

Jeseeu 2 

Acording to them they also have the right to:

Defy the laws of the countries they are Ex:not wanting to be indentified by fingerprinting,do what the police tell them to

Ask for rights but do not follow laws/rules Ex:want to just go and leave but not do anything to ease the process,as everything the state u get asylum is paid by other people and they have no respect for that.


North Korea

bob Bas 

no welcome

Himi Jendrix 

Nothing worse than Americans with a superiority complex, "we hate the Brits because our entire ancestry descended from them"