What is Racism? | Racial Sensitivity Training 101


Racism is no longer really racism.

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Laurie Jean 

"Have you seen college campuses?" Wow. Great point. What a clear, concise way to shut down the voices of people who have been blocked - actually blocked - from college campuses until extremely recently.

Angelo Torres 

holy cow... who is that star student who spoke on the video at minute 0:30 ?

Jim Steele 

I'm going to make a video, too. I'm going to put on an afro wig and mock the way black people act and speak. This will be done strictly for educational purposes in an effort to bring us closer.

Silk Fur 


Danae Dunning 

Oh, Franny, Franny, why?

Geist Arminius 

good video

Jodi Johnson 

mtv didn't say intent didn't matter . they were just trying to say that just because you weren't trying to offend doesn't mean you shouldn't apologize.

"so treating people the same is not going to solve racism"

i think you're misunderstanding again....MTV did not say this either. they are trying to say that there is nothing wrong with having racial differences and seeing racial differences, it only becomes problematic when we treat others differently based on their race. MTV is actually agreeing with what you're saying.

one thing i do back you up on is how reverse racism is actually real. To me, the point of prejudice being a problem is because it makes people unequal. its my belief that people shouldn't attack whites at all. like how you see the kid in the video you show being bombarded by his classmates. I think that attitude is bad because it perpetuates the idea that if you are nonwhite you automatically get a pass to hate on white people all you want and I don't think that's

Marin D'Angelo 

With a black president, black Congress people, black Senators, black Attorney General, black Secretary of State of state, black Supreme Court judges, black governors, black mayor's they have all the power so yes they have institutional racism. Not the whites. So the blacks ARE the racist not the whites. MTV and this crazy bitches theory was blown by her own mouth.


Are some dumb american. Lol

John Funches 

This is nuts, total delusional interpretation of racism.


The "Prejudice + power" argument is only there to justify non-white people being blatantly racist

Random Guy 

Now that you've been "educated" back to Teen Mom 2 where we explain the perfect society. I love the snapping in the first clip. Someone should have clapped and triggered them all back to their safe spaces.

some old account I dug up 

I... Um... It's...

So, racism is prejudice backed by institutional power. How, then, is accidentally expressing prejudice an example of racism?

Oh, right, it's because every single time it happens, a magic institution appears and helps you oppress the person you didn't know you hated... Only if you're white though...

I also love how all of this falls apart when you switch the topic to sexism. Court bias? What court bias? It's just a government institution, who cares, one in five, one in five, historical oppression!


The thing about "prejudice + power" is that it only really held sway when people were literally slaves or colonized. Yeah, people colonized or enslaved probably are justified in their racial prejudice, so it might not be fair to call them racist, but this definition came waaaay after there was any systematic anything.

Now it's just used by actual racists to justify being racist.

Also, impact> intent is bullshit. As any well-respected psychologist will tell you, it's your job to disentangle impact from intent. You ultimately choose how to react and can't force people to apologize every time they ignore your intent.

Ryan Comfort 

nice vid

The Creepy Lantern 

ah MTV. The Feminist vampire has left another shrivelled husk.  oh well another body for the fire.

Backwater Gambit 

MTV needs to stop trying to be educational


Racism = Prejudice + Institutional Power

Obama has the most power, so only black people can be racist.