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Introduction | History | Work | Salary | Pros & cons | Future of Mechanical engineering

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Narrator: Reed Salan

Image credits: freepik.com, pexels.com, pixabay.com

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tesfaye barza 

nice video

Seshadri Venkat 



Can you also give an extensive introduction to mechanics dynamics...thermo dynamics...material science


Can you also uploaded latest softwares or new courses that a mechanical engineers should be familiar to be able to survive after university study


So how can you be a sound and competitive engineer

sairam basker 

Make a video about what is production engineering..


Simply Superb! High quality content and visuals. Thank you for great video.

Tommy Williams 

Nice video Explore Engineering please make a AEROSPACE AERONAUTICAL ENGINEERING VIDEO.


Introduction 0:20

History 1:15

What Mechanical Engineers do 2:10

Job duties of Mechanical Engineers 3:06

Salary of Mechanical engineers 4:37

Work Environment 5:08

Pros & Cons of Mechanical Engineering 5:40

Future progression 12:40

Salman Ishaq 

Mechanical Engineering isthe Mother of Engineering


Nice video

Ajay Vadla 

First like. Make a video about the current trends of mechanical engineering