Hey guys! Today's video is all about what it was like for *me when I first started photography. I started photography at the age of 16/17 so I have been doing this for a few years. In this video I will share with you what I learned and what I wish I knew when I first started photography.

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Canon 6D + 50mm 1.8 - photos

Canon 60D + 24mm 2.8 - video

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Grady Powers 

Awesome video, Thanks

Dayana Garcia 

You are totally right about friends

Ojie Papalli 

thank youso much

Sharda Byrd 

Thank you for sharing this! I'm a beginner and I can relate to what you said especially, not getting caught up on the equipment vs quality. I'm in search of a mentor right now, but I also am surrounded by a community of creatives. I'll be watching for more tips, the struggle is real lol but I'm encouraged!


You are your brand, basically.

Mary Calotes 

Love what you have to say about photography!

Ester Tijerín 

I'm in that situation about being a younger photographer and this video was really helpful!! Thank you for sharing this information!


I just came here to say Alycee is my favourite YouTuber and pump up your watch time!

Ingrid Svare-Kamerman 

Love this! 💕

Mit Trivedi 

All the tips were great and so helpful. You mentioned so many valuable things! I think you have great experience and maturity. Thanks for sharing! I love your channel and the videos you make

Nicole N 

Learning that yea sometimes friends don’t support you buuuut that’s okay! And what business courses would you recommend if you have any?

Ben Halstead 

Ive seen some of your images! Keep in mind if you are aware of the light in can control it artificial or natural you have a head start on a person with expensive gear! Also watch your framing. Either leave feet & hands in the frame or leave them out! How was that? Cool cool!

josephine grace 

tbh I thought this would be filled with basic things that I’ve already watched videos on but this was sUPER helpful I loved it !! you covered things that I don’t hear about often and I’m glad I got to hear this from you !!

Alexxus Michelle 

Such an informative video! I can def relate to my past friends supporting my photography/art because it was free/discounted. After awhile it gets old and I know my time on my craft has more value.

Sugar honey iced tea 

I don't do photography myself but lately I was binge watching your videos about photography and videos from other photographers and I am so impressed... I love looking at photographs... I think I kinda want to try it too :)

Kay Corpus 

Good tips. 🙏🏼