What Is The Freemium Business Model & Why The Freemium Business Model Is So Popular And Effective


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In this video I discuss the Freemium business model. This is traditionally a web based business model, but many elements of it can be found in many other kinds of offline, brick and mortar businesses The key is to notice what elements of the Freemium business model make it work so well, and then to apply and fit those elements to your business.

In this video I cover how Freemium makes your business more defensible, helps your marketing and sharing, and how you can get the non-paying customers to convert to paying customers.

Keep in mind that there is no such thing as the best business model. And while freemium is a very good business model, for different industries, differ...


fuck freemium! freemium is a way $1,99 app end "selling" it for $200.

K.Raquel thomas 

Seems  hard if i'm offering a service...especially locally only & i haven't reached the "world wide web" level yet..Helpful for local customers that i can offer a free service to.Guess this works best with products only.Maybe i don't get it...BUT you explained this pretty well.

Start & Grow Your Business 

Thank you for watching, and please comment on the video. Is your business getting the most out of any of the elements of a freemium business model? Leave a comment! I see all comments, and I promise to get back to yours!

Jeff Beale 

The Freemium model definitely works.  I have seen it work well in the technology industry.  One thing to look at is can your logistical cost justify the method.

Nick Loper 

Freemium seems to be a popular way to introduce your product or service to a wide audience. But there's a fine line between mass-exposure and giving too much away for free. There are a couple services I love (for example LastPass and ScheduleOnce) but I'm not sure what benefit I'd get from upgrading to the premium version.