What Does a CFO Do, Cash Management


http://GatewayCFO.com -In this series of videos, we're going to go into depth on the major areas of responsibility for a CFO or Chief Financial Officer. A good CFO will have reach and responsibility in many areas of a company. Today we're going to talk about cash management.

In today's business and economic environment, cash management is certainly one of the most important duties of a CFO. From cash forecasting to treasury, not a day should go by that your CFO isn't working on some sort of cash issue. From day one, proactive planning should be the goal. This is achieved primarily through forecasts and dashboards.

Forecasting cash requirements and anticipated cash flow on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis will give your business the tools to make better business decisions and head off problems before they arise. This requires a team effort between the managers of your business working with the CFO, to forecast and plan for future billings, collections, payables, costs and...

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Maureen O’Connell 

In the current global and economic environment, most organizations struggle to have an overall view of real-time cash reporting data from the various locations across the world. Merging systems and uniformity in procedures across countries is costly and time consuming. Global enterprises should have a centralized platform with worldwide visibility so that the Chief Financial head has access to the data at all times.