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This DevOps tutorial video will help you understand what is DevOps, how DevOps came to being, stages and tools of DevOps and implementation of DevOps. DevOps is a software engineering culture that unifies the development and operations team, under an umbrella of tools to automate every stage. The DevOps approach automates the service management for the support of operational objectives and improves understanding of the layers in the production environment stack. In turn, this helps prevent and resolve production issues. Now, lets deep dive into this video and understand what is DevOps actually, DevOps tools and the stages involved in DevOps.

Below topics are explained in this DevOps tutorial:

1. What is DevOps?

2. DevOps Stages

3. DevOps Tools

4. Quiz - ( 02:56 )

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muskan litw 

option 2

Ankit Bansal 

option 3

Abhishek Gupta 

Amazing video in a very clean & nice explanation. Keep up the good work. We love your channel. please put up some kubernetes videos also.

prasanth b 

option 2. video is simply next level guys. great Kudos to the team

Itamar Tafarello 

Where would you add the security in your diagram?

shaik shameena 

Which languages we have to know to learn devops?

Rizwan Liaqat 

Ahh.... Its second option

But I think you forgot to put a step C in the question. But it is their in the choices

You have TWO steps labeled B.


You forgot a 0. Not sure if you saved Netflix any money or not.

Ben Ridge 

Thanks for the great DevOps series - when will you add Kubernetes to this series? I'd also welcome more details around microservices architecture. Thanks!

pavan kumar 

Great video

Ramya Thasmi 

Good one!

Adeel Ali 

2 I am quite sure

Kundan Rajak 

Option 2 !!

Sandeep D 

3rd Option. I am so sure!

Mayank Gala 

Great video.

Nice examples for explaining

Rehan Abrahim 

B , and yes devops is the future

Victor Adepegba 

None of the above. There is no C in the list of tasks which go - A, B, B, D, E, F.

Mohan Saravanan 

It's option B btw..

Pratik Raj 

Correct Ans: OPTION 2

Rahul Arun 

I think it's option 2! Also, really cool video, guys! 😁

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Is it option 3?

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Option 2 is right

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Sharing this with my friends! Is it B?

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I have shared this video with my friends over WhatsApp, thank you Simplilearn for this amazing video! Love your channel

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2nd option


Awesome way to keep updated in IT industry. Please keep up the good work of educating people. Big thumbs up!!!👍👏

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I think it is option C. Btw i'm new to devops

Pooja Gupta 

Option b?

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Is it D?

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Hi Simplilearn