What is Deconstruction?

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Yes...he clearly misses the point. This is not what Deconstruction is! Just this bloke's understanding. Derrida never posits that there is no meaning. But that the possibility of reaching at a fixed, final meaning issue postponed as due to cropping up of innumerable variety of interpretations. As such, language remains incapable of giving us a fixed, final meaning where improvement upon it is not possible.


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Hey Tim, or anybody. I'm trying to understand the relationship between Deconstruction and Post Structuralism.

**Can** deconstruction be applied to nonfiction text?

If you apply the same tactics to nonfiction text, what is it called, if not "deconstruction"?


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Very funny. But it is one thing to say from a text one can extract many different meanings, and to say that from a text one can derive any kind of meannings. When we encounter a metaphor perhaps there maybe no rules to get meanings (Donald Davidson). Or they maybe a systematic theory of reading metaphor (Eva Kittay). I will come back, when I get something more interesting to say.

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IT is impossible to explain anything its easier to demonstrate


Deconstructivism is the insight that words never can carry perfect meaning people see things in light of their experiences and any critic of a text is also a vaste because it cannot critic the text objectively.


A consept is not a picture, a presept are a picture, the thing you see is a specific dog or a generic representation of the consept dog, a real life dog is an object

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This sounds like poppycock. Not the lecturer; he's great. I'm talking about Deconstruction. But my words have no meaning.

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Dear deconstructionists, what is wrong with "doing our best"? What is wrong with aspiring to understand, or trying to find the truth, but not arriving there?

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The great experiences of our lives Never happenned that is: as we are experiencing we are always interpreting - overwriting our experiences. We choose one interpretation at the exclusion of others based upon prejudices, biases, and even the constraints involving evolution. What reality is - is more like the plane of immanence and we immediatly begin there: never really seeing anything for what it is because everything exists in relationships to everything else. What deconstruction does for literature is that it allows for alternate or deeper interpretations of the text.

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This type of philosophy is technically know as, Bull-Shit.

J Derrida made a name for himself because of his muddle-headedness. He like to use words that didn't and still don't exist in any language or any dictionary. Words that he made up and had no meaning. His followers interpreted his writings as being profound, because no one could say what he was talking about, including himself!

He appeals mainly to people that have trouble thinking clearly.

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Jacque Derrida because he derides his readers... MUhahahah

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The issue with the seeing eye dog example is that there are multiple cultural cases that are given. Elevators as human transport, and those which may allow dogs. If the mechanism and interface of an elevator is quite implicitly oriented to humans (symbology, licensing, inspection, language), then the 'case' transitions into being a human oriented model of communication, regardless of if dogs or anything else are ever allowed on it. If you extend the 'case' to ask if its for blind people, we immediately resolve that it cannot be (unless there's braile). The 'case' then transitions to being for a seeing human, and is ultimately a negation. The meaning reduces to "No Dogs" and and presents itself with an exception for 1) dogs that wouldnt be able to read the sign and 2) humans that wouldnt be able to read the sign. Implications can resolve to explicit meaning if the model of communication is limited.


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does Derridas deconstructuralist agenda really say anything new

any one who did not already realise the approximate nature of language must have been living in dangerous naivety. so fucking what unfortunately language remains fairly important as a means of communication between homo sapiens. I do however wonder if all languages are equally equivocal OR are some languages more definitive and if so are we particularly afflicted with aparrticularly ambiguous language because English is s0 an artificially constructed on the burial mounds of the great classic languages

when the Romans declared "Cathargo diledendum best " did the senate go "huh what dos that mean" NO of course not very body knew what had to be done with Carthage wish is possibly why they did what they did

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