Well it was a hot day with a Nissan 370Z Installer Diaries 45


In this video we have a #70z in for a active system install. The customer brought in all his own equipment for the install. We are putting in a Arc Audio amp on some Stereo Integrity components. The car will not fit up the ram, so this one is going to be outside and its was a hot day. We also have a Nissan Maxima in for a iSimple FM modulator. Let the fun begin.

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The Darkknight316sr 

Got a question replacing speakers do you have to replace the amp as well? I'm looking for good sounding speakers can you please recommend me good options for a person on a budget? Recently got a 2013 Hyundai tucson gls and the speakers are okay just wanted something little Better.

Nicholas Bennett 

you need to find a tool to cloan fernando then open a shop in San Antonio

Dean Slegos 

Nice classical music on this one

Joe Blo 

I really enjoy your videos. Thanks.


love watching you guys do your thing! you deserve more subs (no pun intended)

Manuel Navarro 

Wow! One of the finest sounding and cleanest installs I've ever seen. That's some top notch work from your partner and your smarts. Can you post a direct link to the equipment that was installed for the 370z, sounds amazing!

Jorge Martinez 

Fernando looks miserable af with the heat at the end of the video. You guys do excellent work! love the videos. cheers from Bakersfield Ca

Gamecock 24 

SI is some good stuff. Nick Lemons knows what he’s doing. I love my SI HST-18.


Nice and super CLEAN.


That amp is going to cook.

Doc Holidaze III 

What i love about these guys? The cabling. How nice and presentable the cabling work looks. Its the simple things, but they mean so much.

Im in Melbourne, i cant wait to get my Caddy over there to get some work done.

John Gotti NYC 

Why did you have to work outside on the z ?

Mark Lengal 

Dean. What does network mode mean?


I like the clean install, but is there plenty ventilation there for let's say a somewhat hot day and just window down type of day

K Vang 

Like always, you guys always do clean installations. Keep it up, always enjoy watching your vids.

John Wagner 

Is that Dean or bass thrashin????????????

Joseph Inman 

Will the FM Modulator work with an Android phone


Wish ya'll were in my area. A good installer is worth their weight in gold.

francisco toscano 

You look cool with a hat 😎

benjamin bernstein 

Put a Pioneer 2330 in my '17 Z. These cars are nasty to to work on

Car Audio.etc 

love that tea tape sound :P

Michael Graper 

How is the sound quality on the fm module? Is there interference and static like a transmitter?

Charles Tidwell 

Dean, Fernando, thanks for the excellent video of my 370 and great music to go along with it. Those Stereo Integrity speakers are well broken in now and sound better than ever! I still need to come back to you guys to upgrade that Arc XDi 1200.6 amp to the new Helix P Six DSP MkII. A little less power, but a whole lotta DSP. Thanks again for all of the great work and video! I'll see you guys soon!


Which is the best sounding 5 channel amp that you have installed ?  price not an issue.

Christopher Jenner 

Keep the hat.

lolo ent 

Yippee 5more weeks till my trip up there from Miami, for you guys to install my all pioneer system & Dean all out wiring harness


Nice to see some legit speakers and someone who knows the benefits of going active.

Arnold Stein 

Sounds like we’re at the Magic Kingdom…lol


Nice install. Its refreshing to see a stereo shop take pride in their work and give the customer what they want




Should invest in a pop up tent to work under if outside installs are a regular thing for you guys. Keep that sun off your head. Awesome work as always guys.

Andrew Rieta 

That music makes me want to dance around the house in my undies.

Marcos Reyes 

Why did y'all work outside?


I've been waiting on this one! Love my Stereo Integrity speakers.....Awesome!

Michael Robertson 

Stereo Integrity produces some serious midbass.

Andrew Lojewski 

I️ have the same amp and headunit combo. Looks like you’re using the amps crossovers instead of the headunits, any benefits? And since we can’t turn off the high pass, did you just put it at the lowest frequency? Thanks!

John Yallah 


Nadeem Malik 

loving the music guys...and a great job

Car Audio Inc 


Ralph Perez 

Have to say you guys are totally awesome and amazing cool in your work 👍👍

Brian Miles 

Great work as always!


Stereo integrity ftw

Great small batch speakers did the customer have the sub from SI?

Michael P 

Waltz of the flowers not waltz of the sweating gentleman...

Tanner M 

It's weird but I like this music better not so rough on the ears

Josh Monn 

Hey guys love all the videos i have a question i have a 01 mustang with the mach460 system wondering what 6x8s you would recommend for good bass quality i dont wanna put a big sub in the trunk due to a small trunk. Im using a pioneer avh-2700bs thanks in advanced for your advice

Tech Metal 

20 degrees here. consider yourselves lucky lol

j slack 

When ever I hear that music all I can think about is Bushwoods caddy’s swimming pool scene

J Silver 


Thomas Byers 

You did it all for the nookie. Come embrace the hat. Then we can all call you Fred. And on wiring, with a little face paint, Fernando could look like Wes Borland. See came up with next year's Halloween costumes.

Filip A 

I better like when is hot outside, against shity cold Autumn, witch is right now in here...