Buying one of the most iconic sneakers of all time for retail! It was just sitting at Footlocker in London! Let me know what you think of the sneakers I bought as well as the fake Supreme at Camden Market and make sure to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!

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Tina Rios 

All of those shoes are sitting at most stores

Tina Rios 

Why are you so suprised about everything

Bianca Negron 

Just here for the guy in the background

xd McWayz 

I am such an idiot because one person at adidas said that he could order the Japanese nmds and there was only my size left I am really dumb cause now it is like ur a hype beast with those

Chicago Hypebeast 

Ben! *YOU RANGGG*  lol

The F2 Mini’s 

Well at the end of the day if u don’t like the shoes don’t. Come here 🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️


EVERYONE THAT IS HERE BECAUSE OF THE RECENT VIDEO! This is the wrong video y'all need to know that smh.

alex claros 


Hype Nibbles 

His YouTube channel is Ben masters


He’s getting sued bc of 5:15


5:14 ray ray , I can't believe you'd put this kid in your video. You're obviously trying to use him to make millions!!! Lol

Jaydon Maldonado 

Who's here from his new video 😂

Clasher Gaming 

The guy at 5:15 is sueing him watch his recent video and thank me

jesus marquez 


No show 2k 

Is this the one

Whezy Joe Productions 

5:12 you should not have shown Ben

Your going too get sued

Gingy’s Sneakers 

I don’t think this is it because of he’s on the whole time

kicks for your sole 

Who else came here too see the dude Suing ray ray ! Lol

Christopher Reyes 


Adam Koellermeier 

Is James the guy?


who else here from the video "im being sued"

Sir Patrickson 

He finna get sued at 5:15

RRP Teegrilzeysuperstyle 

My lil sis call em guccis

Wil Cipura 

8th of the 20th 2017??

Yah Yeet 

What is that dope music at the end

NJr 10 

Yo I live in Minnesota

Dank GMO 

3:54 .


Ray u should make a tattoo of champions logo

Dejan Srdić 

Calabas are knock off Reeboks tho,not the other way around

Jesse Walters 

Those grey ultra boosts go for like $400 i thought bro i woulda copped instantaneously

Angel Lopez 

What's the song called at the end of the video

harry pote 

I was going to get those shoes

Adam Garcia 

I'm feelin really real ya feel me?

Joseph J. FG 

Man united are shit

Ballistic Fish 

That wasn't Spider-Man tat was deadpool


Cream 1s,and triple black 1s leather is insane...everybodys sleeping. Better then s.b.b. leather and the whole sneaker....WAKE UP PEOPLE THESE ARE THE QAULITY WE BEEN SQAUKIN BOUT.

Sam Jeanes 

We met at London sc, we need to meet up, I was the speccy teenager who went on fowlers vlog

Karma _Christian 

What happened to his new vlog

Martin Franco 

Just copped these yesterday


Toms the type of dude to wear a hoodie and go all the way to Hong Kong and have no line at his booth.

Daeshawn Vinson 

What do you mean take taxes back?

gclassbenz rangebentley 

Ray always looks at ultra boosts but never cops

Cosmic Nebula 

How do you get tax back?

ejhay carreon 

Haha tony said u r d most clickbait, im ur subscriber but i think it is true. .


4:15 ruined the video

Kyle Siemieniewicz 

What does he mean when he says he gets the tax back at the airport

Kor Viray 

People actually call the Reebok Club C a rip off of Calabasas? Lol

Amilcar Coutinho Amado 

its called faneuil market in Boston

Michael Perston 

the bred 13s is the 3 best shoe that Michael jordan ever played in

Batmaan KnowsBest 

LOL i saw u on the train the other day but did know who u were but saw u had one of them vlogging cameras and literally randomly u showed up on my youtube :O hahaha i think u got on the the TFL Rail at Ilford or something? i was standing by the door and u sat down like right infront of me