Waterloo Accepted Portfolio

Ananya Shukla 

U have gone for bachelors or Masters??

Luca Ricci 

What program (like Microsoft word or something) did you use to create and format the pages?

Jay H 

Hi Zainab, loved your portfolio. I want to make my portfolio for Waterloo and I was wondering if portfolio the needs to be something specific like yours was mostly women? Also, when did you send this to Waterloo? As in what month in the year? Or like after you've received an offer did you send it? sorry if any of this doesnt make sense haha

Abdelrahman Elgamal 

Hi, I loved your portfolio and the ideas presented in it, great job ! In fact I’m applying to Waterloo for the next year and since they’re asking for a portfolio (which I’m preparing these days) do you have any advices or tips about how I may impress them, specially about the content ? Thank you

munzir shaikhoun 

ما شاء الله تبارك الله! ده و انتي لسه ما دخلتي كلية العمارة! واصلي بنفس الروح و الاجتهاد و ان شاء الله بيكون لك شأن كبير، الله يوفقك

Aleen manjith 

I need the background music

shrishti jha 

Are you doing your undergraduate studies?

Comrade Rave 

No building at all


OMG i love , ADORE your Frida khalo drawings

Eema Kagoma 

If you don't mind, what was your average when applying (best 6 including compulsory)? By the way your portfolio is well crafted and sharing it was very insightful! Thank you so much, there isn't alot of resources about applying to Canadian architecture schools, especially portfolio wise.

Sundus Nadeem 

I loved every bit of your portfolio! Are there more pieces in your portfolio that you decided not to show or is that it??


This is amazing! Just wondering how you’ve put everything together in terms of the paper you used for the portfolio, how you printed and put everything together (what application you used) and the size of ur portfolio. I need help on these things please reply ASAP thankyouu!

Evan K 

Wow this is incredible. how long did it take you to finish your portfolio? just wondering: )


This is insaaane! I love this soo much <3

I was wondering where/how you got your art work scanned/photographed and then printed. Thanks x


Hi! Do you mind telling me where you ended up going? Thanks :)


did you accept your offer? cause if you did i can add you to a group chat we made!

Dhwani Rao 

Can you maybe please make a video explaining the process of how you applied to the program and your experience please. I am thinking about applying to this program but I have no clue where to start or what to do.

Sara Salman 


Sara Salman