Warren Pollock – MSM Propaganda Allows D.C. Looting to Continue


Geopolitical and financial analyst Warren Pollock gives his thoughts on the chaos going on in Washington, D.C. Pollock says it’s like the fake fighting of a TV wrestling match. Pollock explains, “Technically, I think Trump has been neutered. His personal lawyer does know how to deal with the politics at hand. In fact, he took Mr. Comey and he eviscerated him and actually made Comey a target. In our last talk, we brought up obstruction of justice. Not that it is credible, it’s probably just as incredible as this Russia nonsense, but it is a great amount of entertainment. It’s a great amount of propaganda. It provides a great smokescreen, and it basically allows the looting to go on another day. The more Trump can be neutered, the more it can be business as usual. . . . There is systemic propaganda that is all over our news media.”

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with political and financial expert Warren Pollock.

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Sorry Greg, this man has no faith.

Arm Mach 

Most of the crypto and blockchain naysayers, don't actually understand how it all works together, because there are many moving pieces. There are tons of schemes that have been ongoing for a very long time that will actually go away with crytos and especially with the block chain technology. Do you know how much fraud can be erased with this new technology? It's actually long overdue and many of the biggest opponents are chronies, who are starting to understand what's coming....


What a great mind and soul Bucky was!

Missouri Cowboy 

BAhWAhaHaHa so it turns out bitcoin has been a fraud the whole time. I disagree on the analysis of Trump tho. He is incredibly popular and has done great things and will continúe to do so.


Wow Warren has no clue, Greg, get someone like Andreas Antonopoulos to talk about cryptocurrency.

sara Wynd 

This was so good...info never put together like this on bit coin....thanks so much as always....

Robert Horsfall 

is this guy seriously thinking that Bitcoin can only process 6-7 Bitcoin transactions per second, total, and every single user has to "fight" for that?

oh my. Download the ledger, publicly available, and rethink your nonsense, and be intellectually honest.

sure it's got difficulties in massive scaling, hence Etherium... oh my, this guy is full of it, some people can't get confirmations.... show me ONE just 1! and I'll give you a thousand dollars.


I'm screwed.... all around. 63 and raising a kid with disabilities.....

Runnin' Gunnin' 

Thank you for talking about the lack of scalability. It can't handle the minuscule number of transactions now, how will it ever be a usable "digital currency"? To get a transaction through in a reasonable amount of time costs a fortune percentage wise unless transaction is very large. No one is going to pay $5 fee to get a $20 lunch purchase to process. And how much one is going to be charged is clear as fucking mud. No average person is going to use a system they don't know what they are going to be charged for any given transactions.

The only people saying how super bitcoin is for sending and receiving money are the guys who bought at sub $10.

And 50-75% of the miners are in China and under the thumb of the Chinese government? Most transactions are in China. That is a bad omen. The only other person I have heard talk about that is China Uncensored.


yeah dont buy gold and silver either because it's also not currency because noone can use it to buy coffee

Frogville Studios 

30 years ago no one could see a reason to have a home computer. 20 years ago most people could not understand why anyone would need the internet or why. all things must pass, change is a constant. when henry Ford opened up his auto plant there were still people investing in saddles/bridles/horse carts. buy bitcoin. buy ethereum.

Rob Hannum 

Bitcoin = freedom... all you need is a cell phone.. there are 6 billion of them out there (cell phones), but only 2 billion people are banked.. this will free the world. Digital gold. All these people keep saying how the system will collapse (dollars)...but no solution? Bitcoin is the solution.. learn how to buy it.. and then learn how to save it.. what if the dollar were to collapse? are you just going to stay at home with some ammo, silver, gold, food, and hope? or .. the economy just shifts over to bitcoin and you pay for things.. food, rent, bills with bitcoin the day after? without a shot fired? Beware of Ethereum (no limit+questionable backers) and litecoin (51% is already owned)... Visa/mastercard didn't start out this big... but slowly became big enough to do the number of transactions it does now... Bitcoin will evolve to be the same... Bitcoin is the honey badger of money.. for all the people of the world!!

CSF Competitive Shooting Fitness 

the blockchain is distributed even if the internet goes down you still can have access to you bitcoin.

This guy is flaming ignorant. viruses in china on bitcoin servers ?? rubbish

Mark Ford 

I'm sorry to say, Pollock is grossly misleading your viewers. I don't want to hate but your viewers should really do their own research before accepting what be says.

Bitcoin is a gateway to a whole other universe. Crypto is not a door, it's a valve; once you're in, you won't want to leave, ever. Without a shadow of a doubt, crypto is here to stay.


some good points are made about cryptos here... beyond them being speculative. the "target on your back" is the one most should fear. and sadly only in the US...the land of the free. why most who got into into bitcoin early (like under 5 bucks early), have jumped ship.

Octavios Agustuas 

"A real detachment from reality ".... to use a quot from your guest. The detachment from reality is on him when on 26 minute argues Trump should lean towards Iran while making a mistake leaning towards the Saudi's!!! Your guest should wake-up. The terrorist hive has for the last 3 decades been in Tehran with the Mullahs regime. A regime suppressing its own people using the income from OIL to disperse terrorism activities, while suckering you Westerners over and over again----- that is at least through the last 3 decades starting from your beloved Ronald Reagan up to the inept credulous Obama ----the Mullahs have taken the West for a ride since 79!!!

How can you compare the regime of Mullahs with the government of Saudi Arabia and don't distinguish the difference in practically all the areas indicating a decent comfort of living ?! Your guest's ignorance is mindbogglingly suggesting US is better off dealing with an out law regime like the Mullahs! In every area a Saudi citizen lives be


thank-you Greg and Warren for another great overview context layout!

RIP Charlie McGrath (2016) - outstanding truther, etc. /user/crabbydogtrix

Kevin Brown 

Bitcoin is over-hyped. There are other cryptos which are MUCH better, ironed out all the wrinkles.

Dana Webb 

Well, Greg crypto's could go to a million, but I decided to do what Warren would do. That was a great show.


CrackCurrencies feed the need for greed with lightning speed.

Dylan Riback 

Newly subscribed great interview!

Carlos Tavares 

dillusion: "the recognition that a perception or idea is an illusion but the recognition is coupled

with the delusion that the true nature of the perception or idea therefore is known or knowable."

Copyright 1996-02 the liz library. All rights reserved.


Maybe this is will make more sense . . .

Carlos Tavares 

Thank you for this video. I have always appreciated Pollock's brain turned on the various problems you discuss on your program. He has been very good - I think. This analysis today is not correct. I think this interview shows the amazing difficulty for the human brain to bring cause and effect together. So much really seems to depend on point of view and prior knowledge based on what I am hearing.

I believe in the first part that this analysis is not well thought out, or thought out in an environment not healthy to cause and effect. There are definitions here, for example that are misused. See Adam Smith, 1776 if you want to see good definitions - I believe good definitions that is. You really have to suffer through the reading, but I think Smith defines things well. There are also concepts that are not well conceived here - a transaction regarding money is very complex as to value and security; always has been that way. The idea of negatively comparing distributed internet or electron

Robb's Homemade Life 

This is the first interview you have had in a long time that I am going to listen to twice. Thanks Greg and Mr Pollock.


Chinese NWO funny money, no thanks.

Jason Swann 

You realize that you can use bitcoin to buy anything on Amazon right now through Purse.io? So, YES it is better than greenbacks et al. You can't use silver or gold to buy squat. Silver and Gold haven't gone anywhere in years, and are not likely to. Cryptos are booming like crazy, and they should be. Don't waste your time on silly shiny things, go all in on cryptos and say hello to the future.

Pete Zahutt 

Greg I always enjoy when Mr. Warren Pollock is on. In my opinion Pollock has a way of reeling in the topics and spelling them out as to the nature of there reality or lack of. I think he helps by providing the facts that settle us down to thinking beyond our moment of early excitement that sets the governing tone with a of these things. Thanks to both for a great interview.

Dave McIlroy 

My first Connection to what was then referred to as the world wide web, was an ISDN line (the fastest possible) at 128kbps. Today I access the Internet from a connection speed of 150Mbps, that's 1171.875 times faster. The Internet needed to scale in the same way Bitcoin does. Imagine if we gave up on developing TCP/IP and Ethernet because they were only able to achieve loading an image in 30 seconds? Now we stream HD video. Bitcoin, when allowed to grow via advancements like SegWit, will overcome all the issues discussed in this interview.


You know what else makes you a criminal? Smoking marijuana! Wooooopdeedooo o.O Bitcoin is the new digital gold. Other alt coins will be our daily currencies. This guy is oddly focused on discrediting Bitcoin, I wonder why...

johnny generic 

Searching for, mining, refining distributing, buying and selling gold is complex. What nonsense!

johnny generic 

And yet Japan is recognizing Bitcoin as a currency.

Mike Lawrence 

Bitcoin is one of the first block chain applications that enables e-commerce just like ftp was one of the first Internet apps that enabled file transfer. FTP is old tech but is still in use today, just like Bitcoin will be in use far in the future. Sure Bitcoin has some warts but it works well for some use cases.

Ethereum is more like the Internet's TCPIP. Ethereum is a game-changing platform that enables the secure, scalable, distributed, high speed applications of the future. Ethereum will explode once Hedge Funds, Pension Funds, and average investors start using it as a hedge against a declining US dollar.

Gregory Carter 

From what I can tell there is no possible way Trump is going to be allowed to drain the swamp.

Also, there is not going to be any people of significance charged or removed.

Apparently, Trump has found out that the intelligence agencies use blackmail, along with foreign government arrangements on Hillary, and just about everyone in positions of power. You take these people down you remove a highly prized political leader to keep things humming along for the intelligence community.

If Trump causes any sort of turbulence in these areas by attempting to charge or investigate the Clinton Foundation...etc...the intelligence community will take him out.

And if you are thinking about rioting over that, I would reconsider.

Ngan-Vi Bellew 

Another great interview between Greg Hunter and Warren


Frank Hoffman 

Trump is a brilliant businessman and entrepreneur and I am sure he has tricks up his sleeves! He does not have the deep state shaking in their boots over nothing! Imagine this one man scaring the hell out of all the elites all over the world??? Never in history have we had anybody like him, back him up and win!!! Our nation will be better for it!

Professor Curtis Urban Treasure Hunter 

Thank you, Warren, for mentioning Charlie! Thank you, Greg, for bringing on Warren!

R R 

Good interview. I hope all the people in love with Bitcoin will listen to this. We eat, drink, sleep and live in the real world. Warren Pollock is so right. And some people think their life is in Facebook........

Also why would a business accept Bitcoin. It fluctuates too much so a business can lose a lot of currency with Bitcoin.

Saving in fiat currency is stupid.............


Crypto-currencies are a paradigm shift. The technology of the block chain will change everything and cause the demise of the current debt slave system and cause governments to collapse. Pollock is not a player.


I`m no expert on crytos, but Mr Pollocks remarks on cryto security are pure bullshit ... once you get your currency into a secure wallet OFF the exchanges like coinbase, the only way to get to that wallet is your private key, or if the exchanges are compelled to give that info to the authorities that shouldn't be. The IRS has summons Coinbase to relinquish users IDs from 2013-15 to which CB has essentially said up-yours we will protect our customers privacy. This is because without that user key they are shit out of luck and they know it. The only way for the BCA (Bankers Collect Agency) aka IRS to get at peoples crytos are if they get the encrypted keys for users ... Now can exchanges and wallets be hacked? Of course, just like your banks and CC companies ALREADY have been, and regularly are. If you operate within the blockchain Crytos are far more secure, as long as you guard your keys. And many wallets are super secure and anonymous.

alex gendreau 

The upside of the old banking system ? 5% return on investements and they tell you it's high risk, meanwhile they make 10-15% on your money behind your back, substract the inflation and you're left with barely 1-2%....wow...I'm gonna retire on that for sure

W Fitz 

I love your guest, Warren Pollock. What a great interview. Thanks to both of you.

Fantomas Fantomas 

This guy does not what he is talking about.

Steve C 

Cryptos will be the new way to transact, the government is already developing the crypto which will be used within the US. Bitcoin will be a store of value and used in international transactions. The US crypto will be backed/redeemable for physical gold.

steve ince 

This guy is a dinosaur !! Warren, please fast forward to the present world!!


That`s it people. A Wall Street guy just said it ... get rid of your crytos. The crash has been averted, the most fiat money ever, the almighty dollar is safe ... go back to sleep.

Peter Layton 



Learn to grow your own food and keep the bugs and animals away from it --- it's not as easy as you think. Buy junk silver coins (dimes, quarters).

Tom Collins 

Following Cliff High and his monthly offering he says Ethereum will surpass bitcoin due to the much faster core for transactions.

I've read up on cryptos a fair bit but I'm still no genius on it. Ethereum makes sense to me. Of course I'm heavy on silver and gold as well.

Marcos Toledo 

I prefer cold cash privacy and as a underclass, I can still be part of the economy.

sean leech 

Thanks Greg. Warren is a great guest as he is thoughtful and logical.