Warframe Beginner's Guide Part 6 - How To Farm Platinum (Trading Explained)


Warframe Beginner's Guide part 6 where we talk about how to farm platinum. Essentially it all comes down to trading with other players. Earning platinum isn't very difficult but it will take time to learn how to acquire valuable items that players are interested in trading for. At this earlier point in the game you won't have access to nodes that will make for the most efficient platinum farming routes however you can begin putting certain mods and prime parts up for trading on https://warframe.market/ to get a feel for things. Thanks for watching, if you found this helpful please thumbs the video up and subscribe for more! Sign up For Warframe! (Affiliate) https://www.warframe.com/signup?referrerId=59ae16fa3ade7f7fd2ffc987

Beginners Guide Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRbxjtNC1lOh1x2Q6JpDiN4mvezhAfntS

Warframe Beginners Guide Part 5 - Saturn Junction, How To Farm Nova, How To Build Frost, The Raptor https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PUuFHpndgxo

Why Destiny Players ...

Magnus Truesdale 

The nintendo switch trade chat is just dead.

Poison Serpent 

Haha we are allies I’m in red vail 😂

hitbytrains 7 

Feb 2019

Autistic Owl 

Tbh warframe needs to make missions where you can farm platinum

Wil Birchall 

It won't let me great a Warframe.market account; can anyone help me out?

kind but angry 

Trading without need to talk with other people would be so cool. '______' </3

katelyn ast 

I just started lol, I was so proud of a 10 plat sale lol


But I'm playing the game to get the prime warframes. To get them I need warframe slots. For those I need platinum. You see where I'm going with this :D


I got a stock market ad on this vid. Weird. :^)

Rev Funk 

Are "sets" just full blueprints or the actual gear itself???

Harry Synnott 

PS. I'm on PC.

Harry Synnott 

I am a very new player, MR3. I have no idea what Dojo means, or Clans - or most things in the game at this point, but I am learning (YOUR VIDEOS ARE VERY HELPFUL) and really enjoy this game. A simple question - Can I buy mods, eg. Heavy Calibre, at warframe.market now? I have 1000 Platinum.


When you sell a "set" is it 4 blueprints, or do I need to craft the components (Neuroptics, Systems, etc...), or do I just craft the warframe itself and trade it?


I made 25 platinum in my first days by selling relicts and prime parts


Would anyone recommend or advise against spending plat on boosters for affinity, credits or resources? I at 60+ hours and hitting Ceres and the first Void Mission. Also I made a mistake years ago of buying some warframes so I already own Rhino, Volt, Excalibur, Frost and Oberon. I have them all at max rank except Rhino.


That Rhino Skin is incredible!

Old Fuckin' Sport 

I play on switch eee

Sublimująca Drożdżówka 

The problem i have with trading is that no one wants my stuff even if it is good. And even when i change the region i still get messages from the one i was in


Warframe.market isn't available for switch users ;-;


So I'm probably never going to be able to get any platinum even after watching this video.

Hagar De Viking 

Go slow talking, don't blablabla very fast... not anybody has english as mother language

Sylvester Pedersen 

Atleast this website works unlike PoE's bullshit system of trading. The website is easy to use but its also anoying to sometimes miss deals because you didnt pay attention to the chat 😑

Techno G 

Nobody talks in console chat??

John Jones 

i only have 1 chat on my game, its squad chat. am i doing something wrong? console player here

Yonu Bosshima 

I sold mirage for 60p


I got trinity prime set for 40k

spens nolastname 

Why is the unptempered schism in your chest?

Wilton King 

I have 13 Lith relics, 7 Meso relics, and 4 Neo Relics still unopened. Quite a bit to do, but it’s worth it.

Crack - Alaka - Ding - Dong 

That is some fine ass Rhino, are those Porta Attachments?

Lord Azreal Lais 

You can go to maroos bazar on mars it’s way easier to find a person to trade with there

Aft3r Boss 

That is one awesome looking Tenno. What skin and what colour did you use and...what cape is that ?


Vendored so many prime blueprint duplicates from my early relics for credits. Wish this would have been mentioned earlier :/

Also in the video you said Teshub, for void farming, but in the earlier video you said to farm Hepit. Confusing.

Mr Muffin 

How come I can't see anyone trading in the trade chat

Mikey Hoffman 

I can't log into the forums, so I can't use the market. Could someone help? I searched everywhere and couldn't find a solution.

Jack Evans 

If you do the maths prime access is actually discounted plat plus free stuff. Even ignoring the frames and stuff the buying plat though prime access gets you more plat for your money than when just buying plat (when buying at the similar price options at least).


Why is a simple trade so complicated?


I need help with the Warframe Market. I made an account but I'm stuck on verification. It says compose a new message to the bot and there's a ling to that but it says on the official website that I am not logged in, so I do so. When I log in it says already logged in and puts me back in the loading screen.


Can someone tell me how you get to join Snydicates? Or do I just do the story mode

Meagan Cook 

What does syndicate mean?

Meagan Cook 

Someone help me, I just ranked up to rank 2 but somehow I can’t access the Archwing quest idk why?! I go on quests and the quest appears there but it’s blurry and doesn’t let me access itr

Coty Iwata 

Question on upgrading mods, can you downgrade them after you upgrade?

Santana Castillo 

Is the warframe he is using in the video Rhino? If not which frame is it?


Ahhhh i spend my starter plat on Syandana.. i don't regret it at all

Kennan Schwartz 

Why cant we just get an auction house system like wow?

animatronic gnu 

Wow. I this is priceless. This is how i got equinox. 

*braces for salt for spending platinum on things other than slots*

Jake Jutras 

@10:15 I disagree vehemently. We should be supporting Digital Extremes for making such a high quality game for us by not shying away from buying Platinum when we would like to. We shouldn't just wait for 50 or 75% off Plat of trade, support good devs man.

Cheeto Chill 

Junctions are mega gay


1:17 I believe i can fly

Dank Power 

I'm guessing this doesn't help ps4 players. ...... oh well


I just maxed Frost and Excalibur and have no open slots for anymore weapons my weapons are maxed and I have rhino on the way