Walipini Underground Greenhouses 1/3: Sterling Allan & Jeffrey Grupp on The Power Hour

Echo Chambers 

So wild hearing Joyce's voice. RIP Joyce.

B Charron 

I suppose you would have to build one of these in an area that is high enough above the water table so that leaks don't occur. How to you prevent run off water from leaking into this shelter?

B Charron 

Would this theoretically work in the arctic if you have a way of drilling down below the frost line? I mean if they can drill for oil in Alaska than why not drill down to make greenhouses?

David Bodin 

Boring and no good visuals .


A real working solution at not 4000m altitude not only near the equator :


another working since 2007 :


storing summer solar heat to heat in winter !!

This can save earth from too  much CO2, heating without CO2, neither any pollution, only summer heat used in winter,  very cheaply    !!

The earth store heat, because heat diffuse in or out very slowly, with time like the square of distance :

1mm for 1 s but 1m=10000m in 1000x1000=1 million seconds or slightly more than 11 days

and 3m in 3x3=9 times 11 days or 99days or from summer to winter .

Earth around walipini stores heat  on a depth like the square root of time, over several days and suppress cold of night, giving back the heat ,


I was interested in a greenhouse not socialist propaganda...

Walt Lars 

I am moveing to Idaho and with its short growing season compared to So Calif. Where I live now extending the growing season is important to Me I do agree the start is slow but this a talk radio format


What happens if you add a rocket mass heater in there?

Amy Dunloe 

This is what everyone's really looking for, I don't know why people post stupid crap like this (pages) video. This link is to a actual walipini tour.



institute ,sorry bout that.


benson istitute.org

A DimeShort 

Lol, too radical for BYU... Welcome to the tribe ;)- great interview so far, up here near Ogden and planning my own earth sheltered greenhouse


Hi, if you are replying to my comment the website I listed above with .org after it has our complete building plans. If you are asking about the walipini plans you can go to the peswiki site. Thanks


Where can I get the plans for building this?


Good info Thank you! Im a pioneer for OneCommunityRanch (dot org) and we are researching greenhouses for our sustainable community that we are about to build. We will be growing all of our own organic food, raising chickens, goats, building our eco homes (many different styles such as earthbag, earthships, adobe brick etc). We will be showing the world a new way to live and offer all our plans freely open source. Check out our website and tell us what you think. We are accepting members too.


Does anyone know of any books written on this subject? I cannot find good information online to learn more.


Just useless video !


Respond to WHAT video? This is ten minutes of sound recording (and even that is poor quality) with an advertising screen, a poorly drawn picture and no details, and, well that's it. And I wasted several minutes downloading this useless garbage!


Great subject, but a lot of infomercial style general crap, who gives a crap what Walipini means? Very long on crap, low on substance.