Vogel Competition Glock Trigger Install


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waste of money build your own kit out of a apex tactical kit lol not using 5$ worth of oem parts

Stoner Page 

I'm gonna try that gas pedal. I wonder if that thing really works. Have any of you guys used the gas pedal for the thumb rest?

Alan John 

Great video on trigger replacement, easy to understand, thanks.

Larry Kelley 

Is this only for the Glock Gen5

yandri arce 

This could have been a 5 minute video and still cover all of the points laid out here

Atty Bong 

just curious, would that be ipsc or uspsa production legal?

David Farber 

Most lawyers will tell you that lowering your trigger pull weight is not a legal issue. It is my belief that as long as you can reasonable justify why you did any mods to your carry pistol it won't go against you in the event you end up in court.

Bori Um 

I didn't know Owen Wilson did gun reviews...


I've upgraded my trigger with a fulcrum trigger. I'm getting accidental double taps now. Why is that happening?

Franko USA 

does the connector when attaches to the trigger housing need to lay flat against it or does it stick out a little bit.


i like the guardian but 150 bux for stock parts that are polished? seems a lil over priced

Jeffrey Victor 

Great info...well done video!

Charles Marshall 

I Iike a 3.5 pound short crisp trigger in a safe gun like a Shield with a thumb safety. I would leave the Glock as shipped or just get a Shield to begin with.

Peter Hinkle 

John, why don't you promote the idea that a clean gun is a reliable gun? I will never understand where you dirty gun guys came up with the idea that it's somehow cool to shoot a dirty gun. My generation and all of the ones before mine were all taught as young boys that you clean your gun after you shoot it. It's part of the experience. It allows you to inspect it for damage that you may not otherwise notice. It keeps moving parts moving freely. It assures that your gun is properly lubricated. All good ideas. If you are gonna put yourself out here as a guy teaching others firearms techniques, why would you not? I'm not trying to be a jerk or a troll, Im very curios.


$150 for a polished glock trigger?? For uunder $30 I can buy a a new spring kit and connector and polish the the original parts myself

Ringo Gingo 

All Glock parts in the Vogel trigger? why not just shine up your Glock trigger?


Sorry not sorry,but the whole trigger illuminati with your guilty of murder if you have a lower pound connector or leave your carry guns trigger stalk when this is a theory,very little to no non made up info is out there and I'll bet it's another one of those guns are gonna be taken by Hillary or buy rifles bcuz they will be banned.#notacticool


Dillon Green 

is that a ziptie ??


Hi John, great video as usual! You have me sold on this trigger and I noticed you have the new Trijicon sights on you gun. Can you shed some light on the different sizes of the front sight and how much each hight adjustment affects the point of impact ? I'm really not sure if the different sizes are not just to fit the different models? I have a Gen 2 model 17. Thanks again,Joe

Adam B 

When I installed my OC Custom trigger and titanium safety plunger I had a sub 4 pound trigger that was smooth as glass. In order to raise the trigger weight I installed a Wolf 6LB striker spring which resulted in a consistent 5 pound trigger pull the trigger is just as smooth with no stacking. The OC Custom trigger also utilizes all Glock OEM parts.

Paul Klenk 

I own four Glocks and have done trigger work on all of them. In fact, I have tried different systems as well. Parts can be polished for smoother action and the connector can be replaced with a Ghost or other iteration. However, if you want to reduce weight of trigger pull, then key is the weight of the striker spring. However, replacing the spring comes with a significant caveat. If it is too light, then the trigger will NOT reset. The only way this can be rectified is by replacing with the OEM spring or another variety with a different weight.

John Mott 

Great video! I happen to notice the Vogel does not have the infamous "bump". I thought all gen 4's required it for whatever reason? Thanks again for an informative video!

Kustom Hooligans 

Why is everyone so obsessed with having a minimum 5-6 lbs. or heavier trigger for their carry gun? I realize you dont want to flinch or get spooked and accidentally pull the trigger on someone before they're about to stab you but that is why you practice trigger control until the entire pull and reset it second nature, more importantly , keep your finger off the trigger and OUT of the trigger guard until you have the target lined up and you're ready to shoot. That's concealed pistol 101, Gentlemen. I know most of the viewers here took that class and they know this stuff.

Tactical Toolbox 

Awesome Review Brother....I just posted my review of the Zev Tech Fulcrum Trigger at https://youtu.be/UVjwWOvBwbo But It's very nice to see a comparison.

Leroy Richardson 

Great Job, very knowledgable.

Daniel Diaz 

wtf is up with the ziptie makes the part look cheap

Bruce Frank 

Has there been a full review of the pistol with the Vogel trigger installed? There are other videos of trigger installation on the Glock, but this is the best by far!

Gordon Samp 

Great video... good refresher and motivator for my skills and confidence with GLOCKS....


Great community here, Tac.  I learn so much from folks like you who contribute.

Stefan Magyar 

Excellent video and a great reference. Thanks very much.

Timothy Harris 

Great job! A Glock Armor I know polished my stock trigger, plunger and springs, change the connector to a 3.5 lb and polish the firing pin. 4.25lb pull. Very nice. I just do not like the standard Glock trigger pad. That is what I would change.

Your thoughts?

Cuajo Panzon 

Nice... But I find it ridiculous that this is almost as expensive as my Geissele SSA-E... They manufacture their own parts and do it using good materials... The Vogel trigger uses factory glock parts that are slightly modified... How does it get to be so expensive? Greed?

Jim Mcnally 

Try a McNally trigger. www.mcglock.com or McNally Glock Triggers. The McNally trigger assembly come with a OEM glock minus connector. Trigger reset is just enough to set the triggr safety and all after travel stops when firing pin is released. All McNally triggers are fitted to each glock. The G42/43 triggers will knock your socks off

wayn hall 

one of if not the best videos I've seen on glock disassembly thank you

Jerry Lehan 

Very good video..

Graham Baates 

How did it feel?  Crisper?  Shorter?  I took a look at the Pyramid and Fulcrum triggers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhvYjnJZc3o&list=TLVyLKLncWo7k

Adrien Perié 

Why a Glock for competition shooting ? Glocks have awful triggers regardless of how heavy they are. There are much, much better high capacity handguns, striker fired or not, when it comes to triggers.


First time by your channel and I have to tell you what a great video. Great explanation all around!! Subscriber now.


I think mines still better. Look at this reset.

Custom self defense trigger set up on the Glock 23: http://youtu.be/v3TpwBW8ZGU

Gun Sense (drmaudio) 

I see they also do a "Guardian" that comes in around 5 pounds.  Might be just the ticket for carry or a gun that serves double duty (Defense/light competition).


Hi John, can you do an episode on match handgun cleaning.


Tyler Riddle 

what sights!


Excellent video, thanks for the many tips on Glocks!


Excellent video thanks for taking the time to inform and educate other shooting enthusiast. Keep up the good work and ... GET OUT AND SHOOT!


Very nice instructional video. Quite enjoyable. Thank you sir, for your sharing your knowledge.

Gene G 

Can you measure trigger pull with the 4 pound trigger spring please.


What kinda sights ya got on it? Nice

Willy Pitty 

For years I thought the proper sequence is to punch out the trigger pin first before the top pin since the slide stop spring rest against the top pin....

Tom Smyth 

Why do you rack the slide so many time just lock it back and look inside I would have thougt as a police officer you would be less likley to do what the typical youtube yank does


Great video John, would you use or recommend the Travis Haley "Skimmer" Enhanced Carry Trigger System by http://www.glocktriggers.com/  for conceal carry? Or would you just run the stock trigger? Thanks.