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Please watch: "What I've gained from studying abroad | Should you study abroad?"

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Basically just documenting my life at ETH Zurich as a masters engineering student in my engineering vlog. Showcasing the ETH Zurich student life and studying in Switzerland in an "ETH Zurich engineering vlog." Finished the last exam of my life (!) in Turbulence modeling.

Channel:  STEMinine
Salom e 

My whole life at ETH is 'I think I know' but then I don't


How much do your Student Residence costs per Month?

rekik yosri 

Can i be your friend?

raju sharma 

Thanks frnd u can do what u want

Jesse Chen 

Unless you are a US person, ie US citizen, Green Card holder, and some other identities, you are most likely prohibited to work at companies like SpaceX and possibly even NASA due to ITAR.

Zeel Patel 

at the Eth zurich

in bachelors of software engineering

what laptop is required or not


what Eth study is more on the computer

or practically

Steve Huguenin 

I enjoy oral exams. I can better manage stress and seem experienced when I speak

Mirinal Ray 

first and for most......i love your vlogs, especially the way u portray it in that' international student sense '.....ur vlog makes clear of eth life since to most of the international student its kind of mysterious and foggy and not much is trasparent...so tnk u for this and well be there to watch where ur zurich life takes u....all the best and wishes from my side.

Basumi Sumi Murmu 

I want to do Bachelor's in Civil Engineering. So do I've to learn German prior to my admission there in ETHZ or after getting in?

And since I'm Indian I've to apply the Reduced Entrance Examination but what I don't know is that that exam in MCQ format or otherwise.

Can you please answer me?


I just found your channel and love these few vlogs I’m 24 and finally figured out what I want do with my life. I start school to get my A.A.S in Civil Engineering in January. I have a long road ahead but I’m so incredibly excited for this journey. Your channel only reaffirms my decision. I cant wait to see where your journey takes you. 😊

Raveena Patil 

I like the interviews too! In these interviews can you ask how prepared these girls felt coming into engineering school?Or what did they do to do better in engineering classes? Like you said in this video engineering classes are so much work. They aren't like other classes.

Raveena Patil 

😂My body is like... What are tears? What is crying? I only know turbulent flows 😆😆😆cracked me up!

Jake Voorhees 

Keep it up keep it upppppp :) when ppl ask to join the 1% FB group I now require questions. Lately someone's response to "where did you find me?" was the STEMinine YouTube channel!! :)