Virgin Media Super Hub 3.0 vs Super Hub 2AC Latency Test


The super hub3.0 is the worst hub ever, it has a CPU problem that cant keep maintain a stable connection, I've tested the super hub 3.0 and the 2ac with cmd ping test from my pc to the router and the results show exactly what I am on about. Here is a link for more information about the CPU problem,

Channel:  KrooNyt
Jay Thanki 

I have same issue, just pinging my hub on get pings between 3-7ms! That is pathetic

VideoTube 2016 

You may have a faulty Hub3. I have mine and it's been amazing


both bad for gaming doesn't matter lol


I am in my eighties and the pc is my lifeline. I now have delivery of the hub 3.0 VM and it says my old one will not work soon. I cannot chance being without internet connection, I have heard such bad reports of this new hub. If I stay using the old one, will they really terminate my internet connection? I can't find a straight answer anywhere!

Nelly Nelson 

Does your shut down and change the password, even the master password and need a hard reset? POS, you cant even allocate bandwidth to each connection in the house, I wonder why that would be a problem.