Vikings: Season 4 SDCC Cast Panel (San Diego Comic-Con 2016) | History


Check out the Vikings cast panel from the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con, featuring Travis Fimmel, Katheryn Winnick, Clive Standen, Gustaf Skarsgård, Alexander Ludwig and Michael Hirst; and moderated by Kate Hahn. Vikings Season 4 returns to HISTORY November 30th 9/8c. #Vikings

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david king 

Me . I want to be king !!!

C Kim Lemieux 

The moderator says that "it's hard to see" Ragnar be weak and become addicted. No! The whole success of these characters is their humanity! You think about the damage they sustain to themselves in battle. They don't have modern medicine so they never really recover--they're just that strong and determined.

Taking something for the pain, particularly the pain that Ragnar is in, just makes good sense. A little anachronistic for him to observe that not having the medicine makes him sick but whatever.

Vikings were not fiction heroes--they are the ancestors of many in the world today who use their strength and determination to make the world go round rather than raiding and fighting. They're human. And these actors are great at always making us remember their characters' humanity, their humor. It's what makes it such an amazing show!

aleksander valdal 

Feminists yuck

Benji Wenji 

Rolo wtf is that voice. Still love you bro

Alex pap 

the awkward moment you realise that floki is the brother of pennywise and eric northman


Craig, you are the worst cameraman ever. You never cover the entire cast in one shot.

Boose Bjunge 

stop using horns, its an insult ok?

Karan Samant 

i feel katheryn gives away all the spoilers people if u wanna enjoy then dont see interviews n all before the premier

Elana Greene 

Anyone else realize travis is drinking vodka every few mins haha

Fearless Taylor 

The host was so annoying

Size One 

Vikings is no longer how it was when Ragnar was alive! Travis was all for this series ... and now it's been ..

EricaAngelina Tsukinami/Sakamaki/Mukami 

Travis and Katheryn make Alexander Ludwig real talk

cheng morales 

The Host is DULL

sven carlson 

rolo questions?????

sven carlson 

travis just wants to be on the farm


Katheryn is the type of girl you bang then realise you cant live with you out bang her again and again and again and again

Nancy Bockenkamp 

The host should have stayed at home !!!


The thing i wanted to see the most was a Ragnar up-rise again! His character is so powerful and i really want him to actually be born from Odin !

Nina York 

loved what Clive said in the last part

Jo Moody 

Clive Standen is so right!

Joe Felony 

I have never experienced a more annoying host. And then this voice aswell💀

Riad Mekri 

no ragnar no vikings :')

bryan van der meer 

Shoutout to Alexander what a sweet guy

dan voyer 

this is the story of little kevin , hes a 5y old boys who loves kangaroos, turtles , bacon, french toast. pancakes, cats, dogs, the rain, his big-wheel,birds , ice cream, but what he love most is leaving pointless comment on youtube just to waste some poor ppls time ...and also his in the process ;)

Dark Rose 

I love The Vikings and all it's cast and crew.. Especially Ragnar. But he looks sad and tired in this video.. I hate to think he is under the influence but it's possible?? :(

Leah Goldman 

I've actually had to stop watching it because I can't handle that screaming anymore!


por qué nunca traducen los comic con? :(((


Drinking game: 1 shot everytime Strong/Powerful woman is mentioned.

Before long we will see if you have a Strong/Powerful liver.

Noel E. 

I love you Lagertha!

corbin LeBlanc 

Rollo wearing the banner of normandy lop

Josh DiBacco 

this host needs to leave

Marcellus Lab 

Does the woman have to scream everythinng ffs?


Best actors spkn less (travis & Gustav)

Danie Winchester 

Man!!!! Alexander is just such an amazing person with the fans!!!!! Just Adorable

Alex Wolf 

Floki laugh💅🏻

Alex Wolf 

I would have enjoyed taking a few drinks from that vodka with Alex and Travis. aw shucks 🤷🏻‍♂️

Alex Wolf 

Michael Hirst is the dopest dope I ever.....he's awesome.

Nany Sottelo 

pueden subtitular el video porfissss

Lilia Oliveira 

queria legendado, alguém aí? ;-;

Marissa Perrett 

That same bear was cast in the Revenant.

Laiv Raven 


He's is an awesome human, and you should listen to him.

Uno Dos 

So... the vikings all hate the returning Ragnar and he has to beg for assistance to go to England. Then he dies and the entire viking world comes running to avenge him, like he's beloved? Did the writers forget what they wrote on page one when they were writing page two, or are they really that slow witted?

kiichi khensay 

is Travis a method actor ? XD

Enigma TheMotherFucker 


King Ragnar


Alessandra Colar 

Alguém sabe quando vai ao ar a 5temporada estou louca pra saber..... Pfvr?

tina baker 

so funny when the girl in 48:00 finally asked them an intresting question they all smiled


12:35 32:20 40:40 are the funniest moments


that wasn't a sneak peak! those were spoilers lol and i just now started season 4

Dante Cruciani 

I won't believe that Katheryn Winnick is nearly 40 until I see her ID with my own eyes, and even after that I will be sceptical.


Cameramans out there: apply for comic con, we need your skills, clearly!