Vice : Glass Bong Industry Is Set to Explode With Legal Weed - Ziggy's Smoke Shop


With weed becoming legal across North America, the glass industry is even more on the rise than it was before. Team Ziggy's helps explain how glass blowing is an art and having companies like "Tokyo Smoke" 3-D printing pipes, is taking away the authenticity of glass blowing.

You can catch this episode on Vice's television show "Nugs: Bong Inc."

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Ziggy's Presents The Molten Art Classic

J Money 

Those guys from Tokyo Smoke would by a gram of AVB for $20.


Great Ending

PURP Mouse 

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Orson Korsch 

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Craig Thompson 

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Ro Knows 

Check out this glass showcase we did last month in Texas!


These guys give bud a bad name.

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Kamal Kumar 

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Christina Nguyen 

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Greg C 

Tokyo Smokes cock obviously.

Thomas Gacusan 

I wonder what kind of precautions they take for earthquakes

Andree Deschamps 

Im looking for a wholesaler?

Moneyman Jones 

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Julian Garcia 

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Rudy Arias 

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Dildo Swaggins 

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