I was able to work with Mi Lisa hair company for the third time. I am reviewing my favorite aliexpress texture which is the loose wave. I love how it comes straight out of the packaging. As you guys may know, I love BIG HAIR. See what I have to say about this hair. Like I said in the video this company wanted an immediate review after hair was sent in the mail, so I was unable to wear the hair as I usually do to give a complete dedicated review, so please keep updated in the description box. This is where I will keep you guys updated on the tangling, shedding, etc.



2 WEEK UPDATE: coming soon

1 MONTH UPDATE: coming soon






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leah hugie 


Crazy Bruja 

She's BEYOND BEAUTIFUL. However, it's heartbreaking to listen to her struggle thru each and every review. #toastmasters

Jazmine Bonner 

What lengths did you use?

Tiana Marie 

Worst hair ever !!!! Closure matted up after a week🤦🏽‍♀️😂don’t waist your time and money🤷🏾‍♀️

Jen Baptiste 

Honestly this hair isn’t bad at all

Ofc you need to know how to keep your curly hair maintained so detangle every night and section into loose braids 🤷🏽‍♀️

Other than that I dead love it

The frontal lasted 3 months with maintenance every two weeks

Ordered it 3 times and it’s been great every time

The bundle could last for mad long if you take care of it ....Frontal ehhhhh

And in my personal opinion the curls lastttttt 😍

You get what you paid for

Just remember to detangle and take care of your hair

Give it a try 🤷🏽‍♀️

Hadiya Kelise 

Ommmggg I need this hair buhht like 30 34 inches


Can you do an update on this hair ?

Riley Spencer 

How is the hair still holding up? You're beautiful btw!


Can you please tell me the back ground music you used for your video while applying your frontal ‼️‼️‼️

Kalanii Amiotonu 

You literally have the same taste of music like me , every intro it’s a song I know & love 😩❤️

Jewels ! 

What happens when it gets wet?

Achante Johnson 

Can you do half up half down with it?

Ebony Shields 

Them ain’t baby hairs them full ass bangs

Drekaa Drekaa 

I just ordered some MiLisa Malaysian Straight two days ago and I really hope I am pleased because honey you are rocking this hair 😩❤️

ingrid joseph 

which one did you like more the Tinashe hair or Mi Lisa hair?

Rickia Babii 

My favorite texture is loose wave as well

Tkia Kiana 

Hey I’m thinking about ordering this hair this summer and I’m new to the idea of ordering hair and stuff but I know I ordered the hair you had from the modern hair show review and the color was natural and it was brownish. Now on this hair did you dye it or does it naturally look like 1b ? Cause I want it the same color as yours lol


Where's the coupon code?

Blessing Hasan 

I need the wig link🙄

Ely Rodriguez 

Question, you said you didn’t wash the hair but also said you bleached the knots, How did you get the bleach out? I’m trying to keep the hair texture

Courtnee Donald 

Hey did this hair hold curls ?

Tygaa Immyyxx 

How did you bleach it without getting it wet?

Mia Wright 

Girl I am absolutely in love with your videos! We have the same taste in hair I love Big curly hair and side parts. I’m not really into straight hair which is why I love watching your videos!

Saved One 


1) Doesn’t hold a curl longer than 10 mins!!!! Dead ass

2) Doesn’t dye well so if you’re looking to keep it black then this is perfect

3) it changed after I washed it but not too bad I just had to revitalize it.

You get what you pay for. It’s not the worst hair I’ve ever had, but it’s worth the money. Be mindful of how the company tries to solicit good reviews. Not all good reviews are as good as they seem. Best of luck ladies & gents

lorra-marie campbell 

Have you washed it yet?

Caramel Crunches 

Love the hair

Alika Sara Tac 

Gorgeous 😍

Saved One 

Update: I just took the hair out I got so many compliments on it! The hair is beautiful!!! It can’t hold a curl for very long (I got straight) but it is decent hair for the price. I’m going to buy it again and dye it!

Mykol D 

Did you not pluck it


Curly hair does tangle more easily. I wanna try their straight hair.

Samantha Chloe 

You are so breathtakingly beautiful! I’m so obsessed with your videos

P Nicole 

What’s the song in the intro?

Lida Parks 

WOW! That texture has the PERFECT amount of volume 😍 lovely!

Lowkey Jane 

When companies send me hair (which i do not do reviews on anymore) they ALWAYS rush to get a video out! Honestly, they aint coming to america to hold a gun to my head. I let them know, especially since they are not paying and to be honest, if an aliexpress company is sending you hair, 95% of the time they aren't paying you - the free hair is your compensation. Anyways, i let them know the date it will be released which is usually 2-3 weeks after i get the hair. IF it doesn't make it in those weeks, no review. So, i really hate it when YT'ers push a video out in under a week. It really does not help consumers and its 1000% a win-win for the aliexpress companies because they want their review out AND sales, and chances are if a review is done too quickly, which again so many youtubers put up 1 video of bundles they put in that day, it's probably trash. So I always listen very closely to see how long that person had it in and if the video was sponsored or not because that basically inv

June Bug 

Can you do an eyebrow tutorial?

Kay Sabri 

What editor do you use ? New Subbie!!

Ashley Sharnay 

Do you have to bleach the knots?

samone grant

Affordable, long lasting . 100% Virgin . Facebook: The Enchanted Hair Collection

Insta: enchantedhairco

Crystal Russell 

Are you putting this one on your site ? I want it 😩😩😩

Love Belle 

Gorgeous hair! Also, what's the name of the intro song?!

Saved One 

I just ordered this hair. Im nervous about it since I didnt come across this video first. Will keep you all updated and I do plan on dying it. When I spoke with the seller, they were nice (but of course they were they wanted that money) lol

Love Britt Woods 

Great video!!! New subscriber!!


aww man lol I was trying to see how you cut the lace with already having it glued down. other than that awesome content !

carolyn mcneil 

Girl you sold me in this look 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m ordering NOW 💜💜💜

Kayla Mae 

What’s the coupon code ?

Janaya Simone 

what kind of hair is this it look beautiful ?


What eye shadow did you use ?

Makiyah Janae 

can you PLEASEEEE do a video on your top 5 hair/wig companies !! I watch your videos and I notice that you like the majority of the hair you wear, but which 5 are your favorite.

Kardash Jay 

Can you show how you made your wig? And how you customized the frontal?


I wish companies would be more patient and understanding about hair reviews.