Verizon iPhone 4 Unboxing


It's called Capitalism and Marketing!


Actually every carrier's iphone 4 is designed differently


@MuzzaHukka YUUP! my mother bought the 4S 32GB for me and 16GB for herself yesterday! on Verizon xD


@Malique8798 iPhone 4S 32GB! :-)

Mike Gorczyca 

is that the box that comes directly from Apple or did you order it from Verizon?


im so torn im getting a new phone next week fri. what phone should i get 16GB Iphone 4, Droid 3, or Droid Charge??

Sage B 

@DanoCoo1 Yeah but I bet you lloovvveee android don't you? When they put out a new phone almost every month. Even Blackberry does.

p.s. I am an android user, but will be upgrading to the iPhone 5 when it comes out.


@moto815 dude im getting a iphone hopefully in 2012 along with my mom tell me what you think about it im getting mine hopefully 1ce verizon does their tiering data plan


i will get this sometime 2012.when my contract is tell me how does the web cam thing works?facetime i meant..


@KoRknowsbest Oh my bad I didn't mention tue slighty different iOS 4.2.5, andif you read my last comment reply then you would see that I already say that there a CDMA antenna In it

Erik Deptula 

@Xemnas103 Well... many people liked the iPhone but not AT&T. Now that it's available for Verizon, Verizon people are happy which makes it popular.


@askaskate there was no need to call me an idiot, and it basically is the same phone, the only difference is the cdma antenna and the slight movement of the mute switch and volume buttons

Otto Christenstensen 

@Xemnas103 you are so dum, its not the same phone idiot


@Xemnas103 - That's exactly what I've been saying. I don't get why people are doing unboxings when there's already thousands of videos doing the same thing. People are ridiculous these days...

Kevin Flores 

@DanoCoo1 So why is that funny?

Zach Buff 

@Tubbs3695 if there are no lines on the family plan eligible for an upgrade then you are just gonna have to wait. also when you get a smartphone there is $30/month data charge for unlimiited data which is REQUIRED to use a smartphone. if i were you i would wait and possibly get the iphone 5 which should be coming out beginning of summer. i personally am probably gonna wait for the iphone 5. hope this helped!


@lonewolf1405 I am shaky on this subject...but...I don't get any upgrades...I never had a smart phone...and I would like to get the iPhone...But I don't want to go on a seperate plan because I have no income and I cant pay for my own plan....Sooooo if you were me....what would you do?

Zach Buff 

@Tubbs3695 well if you want to stay on the same contract (the family plan) you need to have a phone line that is eligible for an upgrade (it doesnt have to be your specific phone number), then you can use the lines upgrade and get the iphone at the lower price. as long as you get the phone with a 2 yr contract it will be $200. if you are not eligible for an upgrade then they wont let you upgrade unless you pay an early termination fee of around $350.


@lonewolf1405 I mean.....I am only 15 and i am on my family's family plan.....Can't I just go to Verizon and tell them to take my phone off the plan and to add the iPhone? And how much would that be for the 16gb version?

Zach Buff 

@Tubbs3695 if you buy it with the 2 yr contract its $200 for 16gb and $300 for 32 gb. the prices he mentioned are for buying off contract. if you are eligible for upgrade you can get it for the cheaper prices

David Matic 

looks like im getting 16gb even tho im on verizon alreadyy.

Anthony Mirsoane 

good price


If I'm already on a family plan do I have to pay the 600 dollars for the 16gb version? Can't I just put the iPhone on my plan?


should i get this phone or a droid x?


Hey can you post an unboxing video of the AT&T iPhone4... because I want to know which one is better to get.


@Xemnas103 try the htc mozart. its a really nice phone too

and to me its better than the iphone it self!!!!!


Few things I hate bout APPLE. over price products don't last long. strict on their Itunes music one time use only per Ipod/Iphone per PC. Iphone made of glass. you can't remove the battery no SD MICRO CARD SLOT. Theirs no reason to get over excited over a Iphone just because it's on Verizon it's going to have the same problems like AT&T. And the ones that have a Iphone. BLAME APPLE FOR THEIR DESIGN ON ATT NETWORK NOT ATT.


@FTWcristiano Yeah I know what you're talking about! I just think it's dumb to say what he said about the iphone being the same, because thats pretty much what other phones do, but they just make it look different and not always in better ways! I LOVE my iphone a lot... I had dabbled in the droid for awhile but it felt to glitchy and laggy... I would definitely say that as of now, the iphone is up there and could most possibly be the best phone out to date!

Iminent &Bowman 

@DanoCoo1 what are u talking about this is the 4th generation of the iphone. a new one comes out every year. i think 1 year is enough to be with the same phone, people would like to upgrade it thats why they come out with a new one every year. its called better technology and fyi i rather have the original iphone 1G than any of the stupid droids out right now


@luismunguia100 That was the GAYEST insult ever... Motorola is better than apple... In every way so stfu and nobody cares what your mom pays gay ass at&t... I bet you dont even own an iphone bitch...

Will Richards 

i got mine coming in the mail right now!

pegi 18 

@Xemnas103 yah but verizon is a better network and it can actully make calls lol. Plus the verizon iphone can be used as a wifi hotspot

Emanuel Gutierrez 

Man Cant Wait im getting my today!!!!!

Joshua Rivera 

You could have used the att unboxing from a few months ago instead of recording a new one.



Daniel High 

@Xemnas103 which is why people are excited because Verizon customers could never get it


@akocern03 ok i don't get how u can say that when first of all u r watching this video and second of all it is the phone that changed everything for everyone, every company now copies apple and waiting for wat they make next.


I hate when people have arrogant opinions!.....


@Xemnas103 Droid...?


@DanoCoo1 u do realize this is the 4th generation retard


Iphone comes out for Sprint *unboxing*

Iphone comes out for T-Mobile *unboxing*

Iphone comes out for US Cellular *unboxing*

Iphone comes out for Metro PCS *unboxing*

Iphone comes out for Cricket *unboxing*

Iphone comes out for Cellular South *unboxing*

Other than a CDMA radio and the indentions on the side being on different areas of the side... ITS THE SAME PHONE, PHONEARENA!

Ernest Marvin Esteban 

iphone= just an overrated expensive flashless phone for noobs


What time did you make the video?

Josue Andre 

AT & T iPhone and Verizon iPhone whtas the diference???

The carrier? A small line at the device side??



@DanoCoo1 Apple is extremely clever ;) They are making a lot of money by doing this.

Mantas Michailovas 

iphones = shit


complete crap. the iphone 4 is all hype. the iphone 4 doesn't even do 4g. the Motorola Bionic is gonna kill this phone. All hype. U spend more than $100.00 per month and u can't even do 4g. I just laugh at any sucker getting a verizon iphone. though at least with the evo 4g u can do 4g.


@Duitslond thumbs up if you're jealous and can't afford one


@Darkensync the handset price is 199 and comes with a two year contract


the att iphone 4 is actually better than the verizon one its faster and it also has more capabilities