Vehicle 19 Official Trailer #1 - Paul Walker Movie HD


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Vehicle 19 Official Trailer #1 - Paul Walker Movie HD

A foreign traveler (Walker) unknowingly picks up a rental car that will tie him to a web of corrupt local police.

rahul singh 

Can anybody tell me how was the movie..other than rip paul walker

Groovy Panda 

Everyone saying rip Paul I’m saying rip e34 and e36s you will be missed

Daniel Redcliff 

It's 2k19 ... He is still live in our ♥️

K1 Fighter Death Sentence 

R.I.P to paul walker. long live Kurdistan in turkey iraq and syria. living in europe here.

Christina Grimmie 



U were an amazing actor and that also one of my favorite Hollywood actors....

J Sharma 

Paul miss you 😢

D- Sean 

So it's a featurette to fast and furious


Paul Walker my all time fav actor gone to soon :(


Paul Walker my all time fav actor gone to soon :(

Black Men 

i saw this for paul but it was so boring movie i've ever seen

Brianna Rivera 

Can't believe that he is racing in heaven. R.I.P 🙏 But he has a better life with God.


R.I.P. Paul Walker

Dopu Bigpapahapa 

cum se chiama piesa din film?

Turd Ferguson 

0:37 Paul Walker makes a real life cameo.


This movie sucked, but Paul was a great actor. I will miss him a lot.

RIP Paul Walker, you would have been a great Deadpool.

un viet 

Stupid movie and the story even worst to watch. e.g, when he found a gun, then he put on the dashboard --that's dumb and at the end he kept asking to see the judge without explanation, until he get shot by the bad guy --stupid and dumb movies.


all movie in the car.

Stupid movie.

Lamont Hill 

did he die at the end of this movie ???? someone let me know the ended suck I can't understand if he die or just was shot but alive

Ritchelle Magallanes 

Until now i can't believe that Paul Walker is dead. its a coincidence, we have one thing in common. same birth of date, month day & year.Rest in Peace Paul.. u'r always remembered.

Fluffy Buffy 

Rest in peace

Carlos Gonzales 

just saw it on Netflix , it's RAWW

dean leland 

Pretty good movie imdb was pretty low in ratings " 4.9", should have been at least an 6.3

Alfina Meidina 

Maybe the movie is bad. But it doesn't all matter. in fact it doesn't matter at all. I loved it. Since you were in it the whole time. Dear Paul, you might not know. Sometimes movies suck without you.

Brianna B 

Think I may watch this just in memory of Paul.

Nikola Brkljac 

This is stupid and borning movie.Paul Walker is only good think in this movie.

Shwopno Nerob 

মামা তরে মিস করি অনেক 😞 😯 #RIP

Jeyden Atwood 

cry for paul walker RIP

iTz Buckey 

Can someone tell me if the movie was good or bad? Ps. RIP Paul Walker

Kvng Amo 

Am I the only one who thought this movie was sort of a confession for Paul walker. I know I can't be the only one

james wood 

R.i.p paul walker


Paul left too damn soon 😔

steven renner 

So what about the passenger who died in his crash do we not celebrate him to?  A bit hipritical are we now people.

Juozapas Mikulėnas 

Transporter in a minivan.

Da'el Clapperton 

Can everyone stop giving away the whole movie, geez.


Im doing an oral exam for english tomorrow and im doing it abour paul walker


R.I.P. Paul Walker .

jasonborn_ 666 

R.I.P Paul <3

Wake Up Canuck 

Bad movie.


Ali Rıza Pekyürek 

R.I.P Paul Walker

Joey Mora 

a mini van really -_-

Nagarjun Gouda 


mark woods 

There are so many coincidence's in this movie relating to Paul walkers death. Why am i the only one who notices these things?

Pierre Schoeman 

THis is in SOuth AFRICA~~!!!

Harun Erdoğan 

0:19 , 0:40 what is that song?






0:33 Track name ?

Emir I 

I watched it today

Even dom,hobbs or any other character isnt in this movie

Not bad

walter white dies motherfuckers 

He's always seemed like a cool guy but his acting is kinda bad tbh only movie I liked him in was the fast and furious series and bobby z