Vanilla Ice - Ice Ice Baby

Gaurav Sharma 

Under Pressure: 124 million views

Ice ice baby: 271 million views


Bautista Ochoa 

Es pop

Nut Sack 

I miss the NAZI steal in America, next to EMiMEN

Deidra Hodge 

2019 🎶🎶

Bill Lune 

The girls are wearing more than bikinis


What are the type of pants he’s wearing?

Blake X 

90% of the comments don't know how sampling works in rap music. Vanilla Ice owns the song Under Pressure now anyways so keep whining.

Never Knowing Peace 

Queen really chang-.... Oh, this is just wrong


But Vanilla Ice own Under pressure because he buy it you know? XD not a copy technicaly (?)


Who came here after Angry Bird 2?

Korina Sanchez 



Who’s watching in 2020

Enzo Matea 

Puta copia

Enzo Matea 



Ice ice baby= -original song- idiots stealing an actual good song for views. What has our world become?

Baby Ruth 

Me: Pre-

This piece of garbage: Alright sToP,

Me: YA kIdDiNg

Baby Ruth 

This shouldn’t be legal, stealing other people's GOOD music 🙄

Vivi Vivi 

A1A beachfront ave lol

King Yellowman 

2019 Who's still here?



When jim Carrey did this bit in living color XD

Maria Fernada Cazorla Recamo 

Like si no te gusto porque se copiaron de Queen Under Preashure like si crees si es un copion


Vanilla ice truly behaves like David of beverly hills.... Or other way around 🤔


Under pressure is better

Wednesday Hughes 

Ice ice baby

Lorenzo Arfeli 

Ice ice baby: 9 years ago

Under pressure: 10 years ago

And the winner is...

Sofi :3 

To: *Freddie and David* .

From: *Me* .

Dear Freddie and David:

* w h a t h a p p e n e d w i t h y o u r v o i c e s ?*

LBP Fan 7564 

0:53 Who came to this part because of The Angry Birds Movie 2???!!!

Rabinarayan majhi 


JoJo 91 

Polnareff Fury

what if i told you 

hey vanilla ice, your one hit wonder has been mandela effected bro!

what if i told you 


Nicolás Ramos Díaz 

A nice stand user

Will The Real Crooner Please Stand Up? 

I didn't know David Bowie could dance so well

Sub to Pewds :p 

Feb/March 2K19?

Miguel Ángel Fernández Estevez 

This is just a shameless cover of Under Pressure, of Queen. You think you are worth in music, but unless Queen gave you their permission to plagiarize it, you are thieves.


Who is here after watching angry bird 2 trailer

jossip PW 

92k people were under pressure

Nikhil Bharadwaj 

Brains are needed even to imitate someone.

Vanilla Ice will always be a part of the 1990's legacy and greatness! Haters gonna still hate

Someday Tactics and knifes 

It back and working, back to stay

Ashish Verma 

angry birds 2

TLOPO Vulture 



*under pre-*


Devin Fujikawa 

PRESSU- oh wait

Sam Hunter 

I disliked this as they stole from Queen

Mark Arnott 

👨‍💻2019 👉🎶🎸💋🕴💃🎷👍

Mohamed Hussein 

WTFF did I just listen to?

friccin hecc 


wait wrong song

Tyrannosaurus Tits 

Whos here because of Jojos bizarre adventure and before the Angry Birds movie 2 trailer came out? actually i came here for both

Jessica Davis 

*I'm here from Angry Birds 2*

Who else?🤔🤔🤔

Manar Kammou